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Blizzard rules out StarCraft MMO

Pearce: "We've got our hands full."

Blizzard currently has no plans to develop a StarCraft MMO, the developer has announced.

Speaking at a press conference at Gamescom today, co-founder Frank Pearce explained that it was currently too busy with its announced projects to contemplate spinning off its hugely successful RTS franchise.

"We definitely feel like all the worlds we create would lend themselves well to multiple genres and multiple forms of media," he said.

"So, if there was a development team within Blizzard that was free and available to create a StarCraft MMO and that was something they were really passionate about then we would certainly consider it.

"But right now, as you can see based on the presentations these guys did tonight, we've got our hands full with everything we're doing. So we don't really have any plans to do anything beyond the StarCraft RTSes and the expansions right now.

"But anything's possible, because we have created such rich and cool universes," he added.

Earlier this year, Blizzard asked a modder to change the name of his World of StarCraft project to StarCraft Universe, as it had already trademarked that title.

In addition to StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, Diablo 3 and ongoing World of Warcraft development, Blizzard is also preparing a new, unannounced MMO thought to be codenamed Titan.

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