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Blizzard responds to fan outcry after Overwatch 2 microtransaction debacle

It's "not indicative of final pricing".

Blizzard is doing what it can to alleviate any concerns its community may have about microtransactions in Overwatch 2.

This follows on from the news that the company is ditching its predecessor's lootboxes in favour of a seasonal battle pass and in-game store.

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As shared by Twitter user Portergauge, earlier this year Blizzard asked those taking part in the Overwatch 2 beta their thoughts on paying $45 for the new, highest rarity, skin in the upcoming sequel.

"Oof, [a] friend of mine got an Overwatch survey for his account, some of these prices they're gauging for OW2 are really expensive," they wrote.

"I hope this is just him getting one of the higher price surveys and not an indication that they're leaning towards this much monetisation."

Needless to say, Overwatch fans were less than happy to see such lofty numbers being bandied about within the game, beta survey or not.

However, Blizzard has responded to this outcry, and has told IGN that these figures are "not indicative of final pricing".

A spokesperson for the company stated: "This survey is entirely intended to better understand player preferences for different types of Overwatch 2 cosmetics. Prices displayed in the survey were randomised per user... We plan to share details on our Shop and Battle Pass system closer to our Oct. 4 launch."

So, as you can see, it's unclear at present how much microtransactions will finally cost. What is clear, though, is that Blizzard is testing a wide range of pricing.

All that being said, someone did manage to shell out $100k in Diablo Immortal recently, another of Blizzard's free-to-play games.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Blizzard revealed that Overwatch 2 will not have any more public betas before its full release in a couple of months time.

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