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Blitz: The League dated

Charging into Europe in Feb.

Blitz: The League will hope to take the European Xbox 360 crowd by storm when it crashes into stores on 23rd February, by using all the tact of a fart in a church.

Far from being a snide remark about the game [or funny - Ed], it actually sums up the premise. You see, it's American Football on steroids, with features like a wacky "unleash meter" that lets you slow down time and pull-off impossible plays; it's unlicensed, uncensored, and proud of it.

The campaign mode lets you explore the on-field violence, off-field fallout and front-office politics that the media feeds on, whilst its adrenaline fuelled head-to-heads can be enjoyed both in single-player and multiplayer via Xbox Live.

"Blitz: The League is free of the constraints that an official league license levies against games in this sporting genre," said Martin Spiess, Midway Europe MD. "The result is about as far removed from a clean, fair, sporting experience as it's possible to get."

With over one million units sold in the US, Blitz: The League is clearly a success. Apparently it's not just Americans that want a piece of the action either, with European hunger forcing Midway's hand in bringing the game to PAL territories.

"There's been quite strong demand for it in Europe," a spokesperson from Midway added. "People have said for a while: why aren't you releasing these titles over here? So we're going to give it a go and see what happens."

A demo is expected to thunder for home soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile you can hack-squat these latest screenshots for the game.

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Blitz: The League

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