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BK Xbox 360 games sell tons

Whopping amounts, perhaps.

Remember those little Xbox 360 games that Burger King gave away with its value meals for a bit? They certainly do - their second quarter results were up by 40 percent on account of them.

"We're consistently delivering strong results by staying focused on our global 'Go Forward' growth plan," said CEO John W. Chidsey, who's a proper chief executive. There's no transition period to hide behind with burgers, kids.

"Our brand and our great food continue to resonate with our restaurant guests. Specifically, our BK Value Menu, as well as our innovative Xbox game collection - which was the best-selling video game of the holiday season, with more than 3.2 million copies sold - increased both sales and restaurant traffic," Chidsey explained.

We've not been into Burger King for about eight years (they make the doors too small), but then we don't have to, since you can nab them on US eBay. Why bother? Gamerpoints! Big, juicy gamerpoints. 200 per game, of which there were three - Sneak King, Pocketbike Racer and Big Bumpin'.

UK-based developer Blitz Games has previously said the games could come to Europe, but there's no word on that in Burger King's wholesome financial report. We'll let you know.

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