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BioWare teases Grey Wardens for Dragon Age 4

To arms!

Dragon Age fans will know the Grey Wardens well. The warrior group are the stars of Dragon Age: Origins, fighting the horrible darkspawn throughout the fantasy world of Thedas. It's the Grey Wardens who lead the charge against each Blight, ensuring the survival of the world. In Origins, the player is initiated into the Grey Wardens via a ritual called the Joining, which involves imbibing darkspawn blood. My wife took a fondness to Alistair, a reluctantly heroic Grey Warden and... well... you know. It's a BioWare game, after all.

Onto Dragon Age 4! Or whatever the game ends up being called. BioWare has released a new image for the game, and in it teased the appearance of Grey Wardens. Grey Wardens confirmed! And capes!

The image was tweeted by executive producer Christian Dailey.

What does it tell us about the game? Not much! As Tom reported in January, BioWare's fourth big Dragon Age game will be mainly set in Tevinter, an as-yet-unvisited land within the franchise's world of Thedas. It will be interesting to see how the Grey Wardens factor into things.

In Dragon Age Inquisition, you could either turn the Grey Wardens into allies or send them packing. Watch how that goes down in the video below:

Perhaps Dragon Age 4 will see the order restored to its former glory, playing a key role in the events of the game.

A trailer released at the Game Awards last year was narrated by Dragon Age 2 sidekick Varric, while concept art for the game released at Gamescom 2020 appears to show other returning faces like Isabella and Tevinter native Dorian. And, of course, villain Solas is still knocking about.

BioWare has never put a release date on Dragon Age 4, though EA has previously suggested it won't arrive until after April 2022.

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