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BioWare provides a new crumb of Dragon Age concept art

A glimpse at Tevinter capital Minrathous.

BioWare's next big Dragon Age game is still a long way off, but that hasn't stopped the studio providing us with just a morsel - a small, delicious crumb - of new concept art to keep fans fed.

New Dragon Age exec producer Christian Dailey, previously of Blizzard and BioWare's Anthem team, shared this wallpaper-sized image over the weekend. Who the character is, we don't know. But the setting? That, we do.

Creative director Matthew Goldman chipped in to note this location as Minrathous, which should ring a few bells for any long-time fans of the franchise.

Minrathous is the capital of the Tevinter Imperium, which BioWare has now officially confirmed will be where a chunk of its next game will be set. (But not all of it, as our recent dive into concept art shown in BioWare's 25th anniversary book revealed.)

The city is the largest known settlement anywhere in Dragon Age's world of Thedas, and also one of the oldest. It has been regularly mentioned in the franchise so far, but never seen in one of the series' core games.

In the past, we've heard how the city has fallen on harder times - that refugees from wars with the Qunari now live on its streets amid the city's towering spires.

Of the various places we expected the next Dragon Age to visit, Minrathous was high up on the list - though we may still have some time to wait before we get to go there ourselves.

Another look at Minrathous, from a Dragon Age graphic novel.

Back in 2019, EA suggested the next Dragon Age game would not arrive until at least 2022. Still, BioWare has slowly begun to build hype for the project, following a tease at Gamescom 2020 and then a trailer at The Game Awards narrated by Dragon Age 2 sidekick Varric.

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