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Mass Effect Legendary Edition's switchable frame rate and resolution options detailed

For PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition - which bundles up remastered versions of BioWare's beloved space opera trilogy - is a little over a week away from release, and, ahead of its arrival, the studio has detailed frame rate and resolution options for all platforms.

As revealed in BioWare's latest blog post, players on console will have the option to switch between two separate gameplay modes - Favour Quality and Favour Framerate - at any time.

Both are fairly self explanatory, with Favour Quality designed to achieve the "highest visual fidelity possible in exchange for a lower target framerate" and Favour Framerate delivering the "highest framerate possible by scaling native resolution and reducing some graphical features".

Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Official Remastered Comparison Trailer.

Exactly what these mean in practice, however, differs from platform to platform. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will, for example, run at up to 30fps at 1080p in Quality mode, but can reach up to 60fps at 1080p in Framerate mode.

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X/Xbox Series S, meanwhile, can muster up to 30fps at 4K UHD in Quality mode and up to 60fps at 1440p in Framerate mode.

As for PS5 and Xbox Series X, both get up to 60fps at 4K UHD in Quality mode but Microsoft's console has the edge in Framerate mode. PS5 maxes out at up to 60fps at 1440p when the latter option is selected, while Xbox Series X can deliver up to 120fps at 1440p.

And if you're wondering about that "up to" caveat, BioWare has this to say: "Consistency of target framerate and resolution is dependent on platform. The more powerful the hardware the more consistently you will experience the specified target framerate and resolution."

Last but not least is PC which, hardware allowing, can squeeze out up to 240fps and supports refresh rates of up to 240Hz. As you'd expect, PC players also get a variety of settings to tweak at will, meaning they can find their own preferred balance between graphics and performance.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be bringing its shinier, snazzier blast of space nostalgia (which you can preserve via a new Photo Mode) to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on 14th May.

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