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BioShock dated

360 monster heads for August.

Those of you eagerly awaiting to explore the underwater world of BioShock now have a date to look forward to, according to 2K's The Cult of Rapture website, which has announced it will be available on 21st August.

The publisher had previously announced it was targetting summer, but this is the first time we've actually seen a solid date for the game.

BioShock, developed by Irrational Games, is one of the most promising titles of 2007, to be available for PC and Xbox 360.

It tells the story of Rapture, an underwater city created by scientists to become the perfect society that soon crumbled under its own idealism. When your plane crashes into the sea you accidentally stumble on this submerged place, discovering corpses, wild guardians and mutated girls that scavenge the dead.

We're still unsure whether or not the date is US only. We're waiting to hear back for confirmation from 2K UK.

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