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Big Brain Academy demo now on Nintendo Switch

Mind out.

Nintendo has conjured up a demo for Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, which you can nab now via the Switch eShop.

This trial version features Party and Stretch modes, and three categories of puzzles to test out: Visualise, Identify and Compute.

As a multiplayer-focused game, the demo will also let you try four-player brain vs. brain play, with each person able to choose their own difficulty setting to balance things across the whole family accordingly.

Nintendo announced Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain back in September, for launch on 3rd December. (That's the old date of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, before its delay.)

It's the third game in Nintendo's Big Brain Academy series, after previous entries for the DS in 2005 and Wii in 2007, and arrives just time for your annual Christmas family squabble.

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Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain

Nintendo Switch

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