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Beyond Good & Evil HD, Torchlight dated

Full XBLA House Party schedule goes live.

Beyond Good & Evil HD hits Xbox Live Arcade on 2nd March, one week before action RPG Torchlight, Microsoft has announced.

Both games are part of the Xbox Live Arcade House Party season, which kicks off on 16th February with retro Konami run 'n' gunner Hard Corps: Uprising.

Here is the full schedule, as detailed on Major Nelson's blog:

  • 16th February: Hard Corps: Uprising, 1200 Microsoft Points
  • 23rd February: Bejeweled Blitz, 800 Microsoft Points
  • 2nd March: Beyond Good & Evil HD, 800 Microsoft Points
  • 9th March: Torchlight, 1200 Microsoft Points
  • 16th March: Full House Poker, 800 Microsoft Points

For those of you still in short trousers, check out our Beyond Good & Evil retrospective for more on why you should be excited about the return of Ubisoft's eccentric 2003 adventure title.

The games is also due to put in an appearance on PlayStation Network at some point in 2011, though no release date has been published as of yet.

As for Torchlight, Eurogamer's Alec Meer awarded the PC version 8/10 back in 2009, insisting, "it's the best Diablolike since Diablo II, and a very real rival to the upcoming (at an unspecified point, God-blinking-dammit) Diablo III."

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Beyond Good & Evil HD

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