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Bethesda digs out Spock ears

More Star Trek for Wii, PS2.

Bethesda has announced it will be boldly going where no man has gone before this holiday season, with a new Star Trek game for PS2 and Wii. Sorry.

Dubbed Conquest, it will try to blend action with strategy, as you attempt to build an empire and take over the galaxy using your might in real-time combat. Sounds a lot like Total War, that.

Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion and Breen factions will be playable. Each will have its own line-up of units that you can upgrade, build support structures for, research, and order troops around in.

When you do decide to blow a photon hole in someone's hull, you'll switch to a ship-level tactical view and be expected to talk as if you know what you are, er, talking about. In Klingon. Even our chubby mate Eugene couldn't do that.

As with all Wii games, this one promises to make use of the unique controls, which will apparently give you intuitive, flowing control over everything going on. We're a little disappointed to see it paired with a PS2 outing, though, although the old system has proved it still has life in it yet.

Unfortunately Bethesda's last foray into Star Trek land ended rather badly, scoring just under half marks for PC and Xbox 360 outing, Legacy. Head over to our our review to see what needs to change.

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Star Trek: Conquest

PS2, Nintendo Wii

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