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Beautiful isometric stealth-shooter Tokyo 42's first DLC expansion is out now

Welcome to Smaceshi's Castles.

Beautiful isometric stealth-shooter Tokyo 42 just got a little bit bigger. Its first DLC expansion, Smaceshi's Castles, is now available on Steam.

Tokyo 42, according to Eurogamer's Christian Donlan in his enthusiastic review earlier this year, "blends the original GTA, ditching the cars, with a little Syndicate and something of Crackdown in its compact, chunky, endlessly promising cityscape." He even liked it enough to pop a 'Recommended' badge on it.

Smaceshi's Castles, as its name winkingly implies, offers a series of challenges - 90 in fact - themed around Tokyo 42's core tenets of stealth, combat, and parkour.

"You've been issued a challenge!", says developer SMAC Games, "Complete Lord Smaceshi's nefarious tests and become the ultimate assassin [...] You will be judged on your speed and skill. Will you be the fastest, the deadliest? From crazy parkour puzzles to mid-air rocket launcher fights, Smaceshi's Castles pushes it to the limit."

To that end, Smaceshi's Castle brings with it 35 new combat missions, 10 new stealth missions, 25 parkour missions, and, as an added bonus, 20 bike race missions. You also get four new weapons in the form of the short bow, long bow, shuriken, and shuriken fan. These, however, are not available in multiplayer mode.

And while we're on the subject of multiplayer, SMAC has also added - and this time for everyone, not just DLC purchasers - a new multiplayer map based on the picturesque Warwickshire village Bishops Itchington, which is both hilarious and delightful.

Tokyo 42's Smaceshi's Castles is available now on Steam (although not, currently, on Xbox One or PS4) for the slightly reduced price of £4.63. The DLC, base game, and soundtrack are all discounted until November 10th, in fact, and are available in a variety of permutations.

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