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Beat Saber celebrates fourth anniversary with two new remixes

Sword dancing.

VR rhythm game Beat Saber is celebrating its fourth anniversary with the release of two free remixes.

The remixes are of original tracks by Camellia and Toki.

"We promised you an anniversary gift, and here it is!" said the developers in a tweet. Judging by the accompanying video, the difficulty has certainly ramped up.

The remixes also look to include some of the new lighting effects that were added to the game in a recent update alongside OST 5.

May also brought a level editor beta on PC, allowing players to design their own levels.

For the unfamiliar, Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game that has players swiping lightsabers at coloured blocks in time with music. In the four years since release, it's proven incredibly popular across VR platforms.

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