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Beachhead reveals Call of Duty: Elite Clan Operation details, screenshots

Surgery treats.

Call of Duty: Elite developer Beachhead has revealed new details and screenshots for Clan Operations.

These are being put through "extensive testing", promised Beachhead on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 forum. "And while we can't give you a date on when it will be ready, it is getting closer every day," the developer added.

Idea for badges.

Clan leaders can enlist in a Clan Operation via the Compete section of Elite.

On the Clan Operation details page, clan members can see what XP rewards they'll get by participating in the Operation. They'll also see the clan's enlistment status as well as the start and end dates and times. Once a Clan Leader enlists in a Clan Operation, all members' enlistment statuses will change.

The Clan Operation page also shows what prizes and badges are up for grabs, and the scoring and winning criteria. A Winners Podium displays whichever clan emerges victorious. A more detailed breakdown of how your clan performed can be found in Clan Performance. There's an overall Clan Operation leaderboard to track progress, too.

If your clan performed well enough to earn a badge, it will be displayed in your Clan Showcase on your Elite Clan page below the Clan Feed. And what more could you possibly want than a badge?

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