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Battlefield Hardline launches with nine maps and seven modes

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EA has confirmed that first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline will launch with nine maps and seven game modes.

Steve Papoutsis, boss of developer Visceral, told YouTuber JackFrags that five of the game modes were never-before-seen in the Battlefield franchise.

MP1st points out that the confirmed game modes so far are Hotwire, Rescue, Blood Money, Heist, Conquest and Team Deathmatch, so there's one left to go.

We don't know what that mode is, but we know what it isn't: Rush. Papoutsis confirmed on Twitter that it's not in the game.

Battlefield Hardline is due out in early 2015 after originally being planned for launch later in 2014.

In a recent post on the Battlefield Blog, lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser said Visceral was working hard to listen to player feedback from the beta. There will be another beta, yet to be detailed.

Feedback was also gathered from Hardline's showing at Gamescom, where over 17,000 people tried Rescue or Hotwire. "Overall, the reception of the competitive-focused Rescue and the vehicle-based Hotwire modes was very positive, and we also got some specific feedback on how to improve these modes," Sasser said.

"I've seen some comments skeptical of us being able to create a competitive-focused mode - I think that's healthy! Help us understand what challenges you see ahead for the competitive Rescue mode.

"The development team and the players have a unique opportunity to work together and craft a fun new experience for all of us to play, so let's make sure to take advantage of this!"

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