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Average UK gamer plays on 3.9 platforms

Over half of Brits spend money on games.

The average UK gamer plays on 3.9 platforms, a new study has found.

A report by Newzoo (via MCV) said 52 per cent of the UK population, or 31 million of the 60 million people in Britain, are active gamers.

22 million of us play casual games on websites, 21 million play console games, 20 million play on mobile devices, 18 million on social networks, 16 million on boxed PC and Mac games, 15 million on PC and Mac downloads and 11 million on MMOs.

43 million hours are spent gaming every day in the UK. 21 per cent of that figure is for console gaming. 18 per cent is for social networks. 10 per cent is for MMOs. 10 per cent is for boxed PC and Mac games and nine per cent is for PC and Mac download games.

49 million are described as active internet users aged 10 to 49.

Newzoo estimates a whopping £1.6 billion will be spent on console gaming this year. The total figure of £3.6 billion is down on 2010's £3.7 billion haul, however.

Some more fun facts:

730,000 paying MMO gamers use a credit card. 10 per cent of Wii players also use an iPad.

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