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I have no idea how dunking a bunch of 20-somethings in a hole in a frozen lake helps pro esports organisation Fnatic find a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive academy team, nor how watching a largely unfit group tackle a kind of special ops obstacle course helps their cause, but it's cringingly fun to watch. And that, I suppose, is what Season 2 of CSGO reality show Gamerz is all about.

As Europe freezes, Frostpunk's endgame looks oddly prescient

"There's a thin line between order ... and despotism."

As the Beast from the East freezes Europe to a standstill, and scientists worry this could be the first of many climate change anomalies to come, 11 bit Studios' imminent city-building game Frostpunk looks oddly prescient. It asks how far you would go to ensure the survival of the last human settlement on a frozen Earth.

Funcom has announced a new game starring an unlikely bipedal trio of duck, boar and some kind of human. It's an XCOM-style tactical adventure in a post-human Earth, and it's made not by Funcom but by a small new developer called, um, Bearded Ladies, which was formed by ex-Hitman developers and Payday designer Ulf Andersson. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, as it's called, looks pretty good.

Overwatch hero 27 in the spotlight as the teasing begins

UPDATE: Schematic of shield and... jetpack cat tweeted.

UPDATE 28TH FEBRUARY 9AM GMT: Another day, another tease, and it's more schematics for equipment. This time there's a design for a shield which looks a lot like Reinhardt's - check the lion's head in the centre - only smaller, given the measurements supplied and the words "kompakt!!" scribbled next to it. The similarities to Reinhardt's shield reinforce this being Brigitte, as she not only makes and mends his equipment, she's very close to him - him being a godfather figure to her.

Camelot Unchained finally gets a beta date

A midsummer knight dream.

Online three-way realm-war game Camelot Unchained finally has a beta date: 4th July. This is the crowdfunded MMO helmed by one of the people - Mark Jacobs - responsible for Dark Age of Camelot, and is very much a spiritual successor to it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the history it explores are inseparable. There hasn't been a medieval world this real and substantial since The Witcher 3. The sense of time and place it conjures is astonishing. You feel your feet squelching in muddy, rutted paths, and smell the manure on the fields around you. But what you see isn't a fantasy world reinforced by a culture's past: it is a culture's past - its bones are made out of it. Kingdom Come is the most believable adventure into medieval history I've ever experienced.

I'm new to Monster Hunter. I played one of the PSP games years ago for a couple of hours but was left without a clue, and that was it. I was scared of Monster Hunter as a result. It was one of those long-running series renowned for being hardcore. Would I be able to get into it? I knew people said Monster Hunter World was the most accessible yet, but when they spoke Monster Hunter it sounded like a different language to me. I didn't really want to read guide after guide after guide if I could help it. What I wanted was a friend who knew Monster Hunter to show me the ropes, but I didn't have that so what could I do?

Roughly a year ago I found myself in a 'games as art' conversation - a conversation I know is tired, but one I hadn't heard of in earnest for a few years. But the person doing the talking wasn't wearing a beret or holding a painter's palette or anything like that. He was a very down to earth man called Simon Meek, making a game called Beckett, and what he said made a deep impression on me.