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Ubisoft sides with amBX

BIA and Far Cry 2 coloured in.

Ubisoft is to include Philips' amBX tech in some of its major upcoming titles, confirming today at Las Vegas’ CES that Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and Far Cry 2 will both feature support for the ambient product.

TGS: No PS3 price cut this year

"No surprise" for Hirai in Tokyo.

As has been widely anticipated, Sony has failed to confirm a PlayStation 3 price cut for 2007 during its Tokyo Game Show keynote speech this morning, with worldwide boss Kaz Hirai saying only that such a move is a "possibility" for the future.

TGS: PlayStation Home delayed

Next spring, says Hirai.

PlayStation Home, PS3's online social networking "thing", will not release this year as planned, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai has confirmed in his Tokyo Game Show keynote this morning.

TGS: Sony confirms DualShock 3

Being shown on nine titles.

Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai has announced the Dualshock 3 controller for PlayStation 3 in his keynote Tokyo Game Show speech this morning, confirming that it will include vibration features and that nine titles on the event's showfloor - including Metal Gear Solid 4 and Devil May Cry 4 - will feature full support.

Crysis dated

This year, upgrade fans.

Crytek's beautiful sci-fi shooter Crysis will release for PC on November 16th, publisher EA has confirmed.

Garriott skirts PS3 online games in Brighton

Details "hopefully" this year.

NCSoft MMO dev legend Richard Garriott keynoted Brighton's Develop Conference this morning, talking loosely about upcoming sci-fi title Tabula Rasa, but failing to add detail to the E3 announcement that the publisher is to create PS3-exclusive online games.

E3: Sonic, Golden Axe on XBLA!

SEGA gems available now.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe are now available for download on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 points each, Microsoft announced at its E3 press briefing tonight, which is good news in anyone's language. Besides Swahili, probably.

E3: Mass Effect in November

BioWare RPG finally firms up.

First-party 360 sci-fi opus Mass Effect will be released in November, Microsoft confirmed at its E3 press conference early today.

Major EVE Online content update

Revelations II deployed.

CCP is currently in the process of deploying Revelations II, the second part of its second major game update for EVE Online, its space-based MMO.

EVE walking appeals to girls

"Women don't want to be spaceships," says CCP.

Functionality allowing players to walk around space stations in MMO EVE Online is being added for "flavour and fun", CCP marketing boss Magnus Bergsson told us at the company's offices in Reykjavik, Iceland, last week, and will also open the game up to more female players.

World of Darkness MMO in "4-5 years"

EVE maker gradually going vamp.

World of Darkness, the in-development White Wolf MMO, will take four to five years to complete, CCP marketing director Magnus Bergsson told us last Friday at the company's offices in Reykjavik, Iceland.

EVE Online art book for August

Yours for USD 50, says CCP.

Icelandic developer and publisher CCP is to release an EVE Online art book this summer, priced USD 50, to be made available from its online store.

E3 US-only, says Ubi-chief

Games staple gone Stateside.

E3 - the legendary, soon-to-be-reborn staple trade show of the games industry calendar - has been dubbed as "only for the US" by Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot in Paris tonight.

Warhammer 40K MMO confirmed

THQ signs rights till 2013.

THQ's to release a Warhammer 40K MMORPG at an unspecified date, the company's confirmed. The game is currently under development at THQ's wholly owned Austin-based outfit, Vigil Games.

Dave Perry has "top secret" MMO

Have your "life changed".

Dave - sorry; "David" - Perry is working on a self-monikered "Top Secret MMOG Project" for Acclaim Games, the company confirmed over the weekend, which is to be strongly influenced by user input during its development.

Chew Man Fu for VC, mobile

Opens Hudson's gates, apparently.

Hudson's releasing aged puzzler Chew Man Fu on Wii's Virtual Console and mobile phones in Europe next month, the company said yesterday.

Speaking at ginormous electronics show CES in Las Vegas, Flagship Studios head Bill Roper said today that upcoming MMO Hellgate: London is intended to "reach out to Diablo players" and that the title is very much a continuation of Diablo II's gameplay.

Supreme Commander demo launches amBX

PC first, console showing at GDC.

Philips launched its upcoming amBX gaming hardware at CES in Las Vegas yesterday, kicking the whole shebang off with a Supreme Commander demo and promising console-related announcements at GDC in March.

CES: Gates keynote

IPTV for 360, 10.4m sold, Live on Vista this year.

Microsoft uber-king Bill Gates delivered a CES keynote in Las Vegas this morning that kept gaming at its core and showed an extended vision for connectivity between Xbox 360 and Windows Vista.

Heavenly Sword launch 'unaffected' by PAL PS3 delay

'Launch window' title on track.

British developer Ninja Theory has confirmed PlayStation 3-exclusive fighter Heavenly Sword as a "launch window" release during a Game Developer Conference presentation in London, although the game will not make it out in America before the end of the year.

Eve Online to evolve for 'years'

Content update in 'two months'.

CCP, Eve Online's Icelandic developer, has stated its ongoing commitment to the space-race MMO, assuring the game's 300,000 global players that there's no end in sight for content updates and development of the title.

Lumines Live 'next month'

Mizuguchi 'thinks so' anyway.

Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, speaking at Nordic Game in Sweden, has confirmed that Lumines Live will release in October.

Criterion in website shock

Next-gen Burnout on teh interwoo.

Criterion's launched its new website, giving fans of the studio's franchises a destination to watch for updates on Burnout and Black.

Games Convention’s PS3 section revealed

No controllers in sight. We have pictures and everything.

Amazing what you find wandering around trade shows the day before they open their doors. When Sony recently said it had taken the decision to hold off letting the general public gets their hands on PlayStation 3 until Tokyo Game Show at the end of September it really wasn't lying. We walked around the PS3 section of Sony'stand at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany today and saw logos, screens and seats, but nary a controller (or PS3 hardware) in sight.

PES coming to X360, PSP

New play modes promised.

Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 will be out on PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360 and DS in January, publisher Konami confirmed at a pre-E3 conference in LA today.

GTA4 for PS3 and X360


For those of you wondering why no Grand Theft Auto announcement materialised in Sony's pre-E3 conference yesterday, Microsoft answered the question tonight by confirming the game will ship simultaneously for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Square-Enix's E3 line-up

PS2's final fantasy.

Squenix's E3 line-up was released today, centring rather obviously on the upcoming Final Fantasy XII for PS2 and mentioning nothing of a next-generation release for the franchise other than Xbox 360 and PC FFXI expansion, Treasures of Aht Urhgan.

G1 Jockey 4 peripheral pictures

First past the post (etc).

Ever at the front of arcade horse racing field, Koei today showed off a spiffing little controller peripheral to be released with the G1 Jockey 4 around the time of the Grand National in the UK this year, and we've got pictures of the thing up elsewhere on the site.

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