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More on the suit, dirty windscreens and crazy little silencers.

Crysis lead designer Jack Mamais is grinning. Microsoft's game showing at CES is relatively small compared to the insanity that was E3, but the reaction his baby's getting leaves nothing to the imagination. Even in its pre-alpha state, PC shooter Crysis looks absolutely knock-out, especially to the general consumer crowd.

Speaking at ginormous electronics show CES in Las Vegas, Flagship Studios head Bill Roper said today that upcoming MMO Hellgate: London is intended to "reach out to Diablo players" and that the title is very much a continuation of Diablo II's gameplay.

Supreme Commander demo launches amBX

PC first, console showing at GDC.

Philips launched its upcoming amBX gaming hardware at CES in Las Vegas yesterday, kicking the whole shebang off with a Supreme Commander demo and promising console-related announcements at GDC in March.

CES: Gates keynote

IPTV for 360, 10.4m sold, Live on Vista this year.

Microsoft uber-king Bill Gates delivered a CES keynote in Las Vegas this morning that kept gaming at its core and showed an extended vision for connectivity between Xbox 360 and Windows Vista.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl

Come in Reactor 4. Your time is up.

The roads north of Kiev are relentlessly bleak. A capital's spattering of wealth gives way to a dark, eastern European quaintness as the setting morphs to rural Ukraine outside the city, then to abject poverty. Farming towns turn to villages then to hamlets. Cow herds thin. Geese gaggles vanish. Blue painted roofs become fresh metal, as bright as can be expected under such a ghoulish sky, then holey rust. Broad-faced men with deep-set eyes stare back at us from monolithic concrete bus shelters. Shops sell nothing but dull oranges behind muddy glass. A woman wearing a torn floral headscarf sits in the heaving rain underneath rotting beams next to a milk bottle. She doesn't even look up. The coach thunders on. Humour peters out. There are no modern cars here, just 50s trucks and green ambulances hung-over from the USSR. The driver slows and we pass a road-sign bearing a right arrow. The word "Chernobyl" even looks ominous in Cyrillic.

FeatureS.T.A.L.K.I.N.G. Heads

Shadow of Chernobyl men talk Zones and A-Life.

With S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl edging closer to it's first quarter 2007 release, publisher THQ and developer GSC Game World made a full showing of the near-complete game in Ukrainian capital Kiev late last month. Making its first public appearance with its final structure, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. showed itself to be a feature-heavy FPS which compromises between GSC's original ideal of a totally scriptless, randomised "adventure" through the 30km exclusion zone around Chernobyl's ill-fated Reactor 4, and fully scripted, story-driving levels.

Heavenly Sword launch 'unaffected' by PAL PS3 delay

'Launch window' title on track.

British developer Ninja Theory has confirmed PlayStation 3-exclusive fighter Heavenly Sword as a "launch window" release during a Game Developer Conference presentation in London, although the game will not make it out in America before the end of the year.

Eve Online to evolve for 'years'

Content update in 'two months'.

CCP, Eve Online's Icelandic developer, has stated its ongoing commitment to the space-race MMO, assuring the game's 300,000 global players that there's no end in sight for content updates and development of the title.

Lumines Live 'next month'

Mizuguchi 'thinks so' anyway.

Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, speaking at Nordic Game in Sweden, has confirmed that Lumines Live will release in October.

Criterion in website shock

Next-gen Burnout on teh interwoo.

Criterion's launched its new website, giving fans of the studio's franchises a destination to watch for updates on Burnout and Black.

Games Convention’s PS3 section revealed

No controllers in sight. We have pictures and everything.

Amazing what you find wandering around trade shows the day before they open their doors. When Sony recently said it had taken the decision to hold off letting the general public gets their hands on PlayStation 3 until Tokyo Game Show at the end of September it really wasn't lying. We walked around the PS3 section of Sony'stand at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany today and saw logos, screens and seats, but nary a controller (or PS3 hardware) in sight.