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Simply sets up summer sizzler

Advertising Feature: Simply Games announced cheap offers for the sunny season today, giving you even less reason to get up, go to work, leave the house, etc.

Simply Games' summer sale was launched today, giving punters a chance to grab some old classics for next to nothing and offering chart games for some of the cheapest prices in the UK. Simply's summer scorcher (sorry) is cheaper than massively undervalued chips.


What do you do after making a precise rally game with classic cars? You throw your toys out of your pram and smash everything up, obviously.



Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is put them to sleep, you know. They go to cat heaven. Apart from Catwoman, which will roast in the most virulent fires of hell. Shame. Nice coat.

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FeatureMidnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Rockstar powers upwards and onwards with its dubbed-up free-roamer, but can it stand the heat from the EA juggernaut and its insatiable Need for Speed?

You can almost see the look of horror on the faces of Rockstar San Diego bigwigs when the Christmas 2003 charts flopped onto the doormat. "Like, crap, dude," said one, probably. "I'm pretty sure Need for Speed wasn't supposed to be this successful."

Juiced ready for September triple whammy

Mod car three-way action gets hot for autumn, but cagey competition keeps specifics under wraps.

Acclaim confirmed today that all three versions of car mod racer Juiced - for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC - will release in Europe on the same day.

FeatureRockstar Speaks: The Art of GTA San Andreas

Rockstar North’s art director, Aaron Garbut, gives the rarest of interviews on the look of the biggest game of all time. Pray silence, for the man in charge of the San Andreas style.

Following yesterday’s spellbinding interview with Rockstar legend Dan Houser from Official PlayStation 2 magazine in the UK, we’ve dug up another rarity from the same issue. Aaron Garbut, Rockstar North’s art director, outlines in this interview what will make San Andreas the definitive game of its generation: its style.

No European date as Microsoft shows online EyeToy equivalent for Xbox

The first images of Video Chat, the system combining an Eye-Toy style webcam and Xbox Live, have been released in Japan, but there’s no news for PAL owners as yet.

Microsoft Japan has released the first images of its Video Chat system, a package comprising a webcam, the ordinary Live chat headset and a year’s subscription to Live.

Millar brothers enter Lion's den

Chez Molyneux, Lionhead Studios, has confirmed that Blizzard power duo Ron and Chris Millar are onside as the developer prepares for meteoric ascendancy.

As Lionhead gears up for Fable's September release, the developer has

Dirty Harry rumours start feeling lucky, punk

Warner Bros is apparently touting its world famous cop franchise to developers, asking them to pitch to take control of the most powerful handgun in the world.

British sources have revealed to Eurogamer that Warner Bros is inviting developers to make pitches for a Dirty Harry game.

Galleon sinks

Eight years in the making, the subject of more coverage than the world’s largest duvet and Lara Croft’s inflated chest couldn’t even save it from drowning in the choppy waters of the UK chart.

Galleon has resoundingly failed to make a splash in the UK charts following its first week at retail, despite eight years in development. Ranking at seventh in the Xbox chart and 36th in the full price all format chart, the piratic adventure appears to have stalled from the outset.

Vivendi clams on PS2 Riddick

Sources have seen it running, but the publisher of the game of the moment has nothing to say. The real question is, just how well will PS2 manage to render the baldest head in entertainment?

Senior sources have confirmed today that Starbreeze, the developer of the supposedly Xbox-exclusive Chronicles of Riddick, is currently putting together a PlayStation 2 version.

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager beta demo available now!

Eurofiles and Sports Interactive team up to deliver a brand new taster from the greatest sports management development team on the planet. You wait: why?

Sports Interactive today released the beta demo of the much anticipated NHL Eastside Hockey Manager, its first project since the company's highly publicised split from Eidos earlier this year.


When people come running in during an E3 presentation to complain about the noise, you know the guns are pretty loud.

"Black is about shooting stuff and blowing s**t up," screams Criterion's creative boss Alex Ward in a closed off room at E3. A few years ago, Ward told Eurogamer that Burnout was about "driving fast and crashing cars". Simplicity in concept, Ward explained then, was key to his brand of high impact console game. Criterion's not rubbish any more, Burnout's sold millions and a few minutes with Black last week left us terrified, so we're in no position to argue. Frankly, heaven forfend.


Brings out the soft side in all you big men out there? Sicher...

Until now, German 'art' videos have been the only entertainment package designed to make participating men with voices like cement mixers actually feel good. Contrary to popular belief, grisly 'bear' types need reassurance as much as anyone that they sound exciting when ‘performing'. Singstar may very well be a defining moment for big men with a softer side.

Full Spectrum Warrior

The most promising, least sensitive war simulation ever made. See what lots of American government money running on an Xbox looks like.


Outrun 2: first Xbox shots and details!

The practically mythic Sega racer that they said would never happen... is happening. And it's been transformed from the arcade version in the UK, no less.

Sega came clean about the console conversion of Outrun 2 today, confirming the game has been naturally ported from the Chihiro arcade board for Xbox, while making no mention of a PlayStation 2 version.

Muckybaby goes back to school

Muckyfoot may have gone on to the great university in the sky, but its baby brother is just about to graduate with a School Daze clone. Seriously.

Muckybaby, a new developer focused on the creation of budget titles, reared its infant head today with its first project, a PC effort called Skool's Out.

EA to air pre-show sextet in CA

The world's largest publisher is showing off some of its biggest upcoming titles at its San Franciscan headquarters tomorrow, prior to E3 next month. Burnout 3, anyone?

EA is to show six of its biggest games to press in California tomorrow ahead of May's nuclear games show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Shield sex shock for Sammy

Point of View's adaptation of Fox's hard-hitting good-cop-bad-cop drama will push the acceptability envelope at E3 next month, says the developer, while talk of a 24 game is hushed.

US developer Point of View has denied rumours that it has started work on a game based on Kiefer Sutherland juggernaut 24, but has admitted that the Fox product it is beavering away on, The Shield, will cut close to the acceptability bone in every respect.

Sega: 'Six brand new games at E3'

Exclusive: A new Sonic game won't make the year's biggest show say pundits, but Sega is looking bullish for E3 with PSP and DS games...

Sega will show "around six brand new games" at E3 this year, a spokesperson for the company confirmed today, although top level talk has confirmed that a new 3D Sonic game will not be among them.

This Is Football 2004

Unless you're from Sweden, you probably won't have much cause to celebrate this evening. Still, at least now you can go online and seek revenge!

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Red Dead Revolver series confirmed

Rockstar has admitted that previously Capcom-owned cowboy PS2/Xbox action-fest will be part of a full series. First details inside.

Rockstar Games confirmed this morning that imminent cowboy action shooter Red Dead Revolver is the first in a series.

'Major Darth Vader game' rumoured

Is LucasArts polishing the ultimate helmet?

Dark side gossip emerges from GDC, with pundits pointing a very big finger at LucasArts and a Star Wars game to end them all. According to sources at last week's Game Developer's Conference in San Jose, California, LucasArts is currently hard at work on a game based on the villainest villain on Planet Star Wars, Darth Vader.

GDC: First Serious Sam 2 shots!

World Exclusive: Croteam makes the first ever showing of the true sequel to its frantic shooter. We have the shots to prove it.

The very first images of Croteam's Serious Sam 2 arrived hot from GDC today, showing sensational levels of detail on character models.

GDC: Half-Life 2 faces up to new screens

Exclusive: Valve goes for the facial at the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose, and we have the close-ups direct from the showfloor.

Valve showed new Half-Life 2 material at GDC yesterday, focussing on characters' facial attributes.