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Football Manager boss calls for tsunami aid

Sports Interactive chief Miles Jacobson wants your money. And there are no games involved.

Sports Interactive head Miles Jacobson today issued an impassioned plea to the gaming world to send money to the victims of the horrific tsunami that struck many Indian Ocean nations on Boxing Day.

Forza pushed back to April '05

No real surprise as promising Xbox engine project takes slight release hit.

Forza Motorsport will release in April 2005, Microsoft has confirmed, a slight delay on the development team's estimated release of February.

Atari commits Act of War in early 2005

More PC shenanigans from Bruno's old house. Fighting, this time. Brand new shots inside.

Atari confirmed today another PC title for early 2005 in Europe following the recent unveiling of its deadly serious racing simulation, GTR.

FeatureForza Motorsport

More robust, more accurate, more depth than Gran Turismo 4, says Microsoft's Kiki Wolfkill. That's "Wolfkill". You're not going to argue, are you?

"Gran Turismo on Xbox" doesn't really do Forza Motorsport any real justice, although that is certainly how it will be branded by anyone with a passing interest. Seeing the latest version of the game at Microsoft's London offices showed a project far matured over that shown at E3. It's a different game to GT4, although the underlying principals are the same. It's a realistic racer, set on realistically modelled tracks with real cars and real physics. It's just that there seems to be so much... more to it.

Atari sends GTR to SimBin

Real-life racing man makes game. In Sweden.

Atari is to publish SimBin's GTR - GIA GT Racing Game next year, one of the first games announced for the company's 2005 line-up.

Football Manager 2005 hits heady success

First reports of large sales figures filter through for Sports Interactive's first match with Sega.

Eurogamer has learnt that Football Manager 2005 has sold around 40,000 units in its first day on sale in the UK and is expected to sell at least 80,000 before the beginning of next week.

FeatureWhat's New?

Football Manager 2005, FlatOut, EyeToy Play 2, Men Of Valor, Leisure Suit Larry, a new Lord Of The Rings game, all sorts. Clicky here for more inane witterings.

Owning PCs is an expensive business, and a dangerously loveless one with regards to gaming in the last few years. The latter half of 2004 has brought more than its share of winter sun, however, with Doom 3 and Rome: Total War giving the slightly faithless good reason to upgrade their graphics grunt. But today the prayers of the masses are answered. Football Manager 2005 is out. In the shops. And everything.

Stress finally gets to World Of Warcraft

We just canít stand the pressure, OK?

Probably the most anticipated MMORPG since the ill-fated release of Star Wars Galaxies is almost upon as. Blizzard confirmed yesterday that World of Warcraft is entering the final stress test phase of its beta ahead of what is expected to be a late 2004/early 2005 launch in Europe.

Ghost in the Shell is your PAL

Atari to fully localize Stand Alone Complex for Europe.

Atari is to full localize Bandaiís Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex for Europe, the companies have confirmed, for release in March 2005.

PSP gets Dynasty Warriors for launch

Sonyís handheld gets Chinese men hitting each other with sticks and elephants.

Koei will chuck its fat into PSPís launch fire, so to speak, by backing the release of Sonyís portable in Japan on December 12.

Sega slashes Altered Beast for US

But will it make it out in Europe? No, we donít know either. But we can have a guess.

Sega will not publish Altered Beast for PS2 in America, the company has confirmed, citing the fact that it is ďmore particular about the titles it ships in the USĒ as reason for the decision.


A 'hair's breadth' from being legendary, reckons our Pat...

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Revenge of the Sith darkens handhelds

Ubisoft jumps on the final Star Wars bandwagon.

Ubisoft has confirmed plans to publish Revenge of the Sith for PSP, DS and GBA SP next spring. Xbox and PS2 versions are also in the works, with the last prequel Star Wars film launching on May 19, 2005.

No online co-op for Halo 2

The super-sci-fi-shooter-sequel doesn't team up for Live. For shame.

An American Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that there will be no Live co-op play in Halo 2. The mode has been heavily rumoured recently.

Metal Slug 3

Aliens, lasers, monkeys and a camel with a machine gun. If it was longer, we'd be settling down together and planning a family.

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THQ arrives at PSP party

Brian Farrell and the wrestling boys turn up on time with a four-pack of brewskies.

Obviously buoyed by Sony's Japanese pricing and release date confirmation of PSP yesterday, THQ chief Brian Farrell has admitted the American publisher has four games in the works for the machine.

PSP bandwagon sees GT4 date announced

After yesterday's PSP announcathon from Sony comes solid news on what could well be the ultimate handheld racer (TM).

Sony Japan's on a PSP roll, confirming yesterday that the machine itself will launch in Japan on December 12 for 19,800 yen and today announcing that Gran Turismo 4 will release for the handheld next spring.

Shark Tale

Will Smith, Angelina Jolie and a bucket of fish. You people really are disgusting, you know that?

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X-Men Legends

One-eyed freak and knife fetishist join bald man in effort to save world. And they let children play this, you say...

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DS 'to launch with four games'

Nintendo of America prepares to show of its twin-screened marvel in Seattle as first news of initial software begins to leak.

Speaking under conditions of strict anonymity, a senior US source has revealed to Eurogamer the number of launch titles for the American version of Nintendo DS.

Madden NFL 2005

Only EA could make a sport you don't understand about men who think pushing people over and shot-gunning 'Bud' is a way of life massively enjoyable. It's Maddening. We kill ourselves.

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FeatureTalking Smack

We chat to THQ creative director Nick Wlodyka about WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW, what's changed, and what the publisher is hoping to achieve with its next-generation wrestling titles.

Okay, so we've long since realised it's all make-believe. And, to be honest, we don't watch it on the telly any more. Yet we still tune in for Yuke's annual SmackDown! updates. Force of habit? Nah. They're just damn good games. With its latest offering, SmackDown! vs. Raw, Yuke's and THQ are taking the series online for the first time, and making another clutch of changes that should help the series retain its lead over the rest of the genre - including publisher's stable of other-platform wrestling titles. During a recent press event in London, we caught up with THQ creative director Nick Wlodyka to try and find out what keeps the series slamming.