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UK man convicted for chipping

ELSPA glee over piracy landmark.

Band Brothers expands

Ninty unsure on Euro release

FeatureXbox 360 fails to convince in LA

Did PS3 reveal itself on Microsoft's chips?

Euro HL2 Xbox late summer

Valve confirms the console port of Half-Life 2 should be out "late summer", but Aftermath won't be included.

Pre-order Halo 2 MP Map Pack

Simply Games offers Bungie's latest at a bargain price.

FeatureYamauchi Goes Fourth

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi on GT4, what happened and what is happening to the online mode, new games and more.

GT creator starts on 'other' game

Famed Polyphony Digital front man Kazunori Yamauchi confirms the developer is producing a different game to Gran Turismo, but you're going to have to wait at least three years to see it.

DS launches with a bang in the UK: London pictures

Genuine excitement accompanies the release of Nintendo's double-screened wonder in Europe. We have the photos to prove it.

Eidos on the brink as investors flee sinking ship

Eidos confirms it may be close to securing a sale to an unnamed party, but it's not enough to keep the City happy. Tomb Raider and Hitman slip, too.

GDC: Miyamoto strolls down Walk of Game

Shigeru Miyamoto and friends are honoured in new San Francisco Hollywood emulation against the backdrop of an opening GDC.

GT4 launch makes history

SCEE claims that the launch of Gran Turismo 4 is the biggest game ever released on Europe for PS2, with more than 3 million units shipping on day one.

Black & White 2 back on map

A new site and new screens proves Lionhead's still willing to monkey around.

Gizmondo set for 19th March launch

As Nintendo DS and PSP ready their European assault, Gizmondo throws its keys into the fruit bowl.

UEFA Champions League 2004-2005

Club football hits the big league. But you already bought FIFA, right?

Gang Wars promotes 'big force' in Konami development

Crime Life: Gang Wars brings Konami Europe into the Grand Theft Auto sphere later this year.

Forza Motorsport

Microsoft's Gran Turismo killer or a burst radiator on the autobahn's hard shoulder? We take a first look under the bonnet.

Football Manager boss calls for tsunami aid

Sports Interactive chief Miles Jacobson wants your money. And there are no games involved.

Forza pushed back to April '05

No real surprise as promising Xbox engine project takes slight release hit.

The Incredibles

But will it send the littluns into an incredible sulk?

Atari commits Act of War in early 2005

More PC shenanigans from Bruno's old house. Fighting, this time. Brand new shots inside.

FeatureForza Motorsport

More robust, more accurate, more depth than Gran Turismo 4, says Microsoft's Kiki Wolfkill. That's "Wolfkill". You're not going to argue, are you?

Crash 'n' Burn

Another surprisingly good arcade racing game. Not what we expected at all.

Atari sends GTR to SimBin

Real-life racing man makes game. In Sweden.

The Urbz: Sims in the City

Inspired, technically suave PC blockbuster gets youthalised.

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

EA's first Middle Earth-based RPG. The beards are twitching. Is it a perfectly flighted arrow or a drunk dwarf smacking his head on a pub doorframe?

Football Manager 2005 hits heady success

First reports of large sales figures filter through for Sports Interactive's first match with Sega.

FeatureWhat's New?

Football Manager 2005, FlatOut, EyeToy Play 2, Men Of Valor, Leisure Suit Larry, a new Lord Of The Rings game, all sorts. Clicky here for more inane witterings.

Samurai Warriors

Koei takes an ailing horse and beats some life back into it. Just.

Stress finally gets to World Of Warcraft

We just can’t stand the pressure, OK?

Ghost in the Shell is your PAL

Atari to fully localize Stand Alone Complex for Europe.

PSP gets Dynasty Warriors for launch

Sony’s handheld gets Chinese men hitting each other with sticks and elephants.

Sega slashes Altered Beast for US

But will it make it out in Europe? No, we don’t know either. But we can have a guess.


A 'hair's breadth' from being legendary, reckons our Pat...

Revenge of the Sith darkens handhelds

Ubisoft jumps on the final Star Wars bandwagon.

No online co-op for Halo 2

The super-sci-fi-shooter-sequel doesn't team up for Live. For shame.

Metal Slug 3

Aliens, lasers, monkeys and a camel with a machine gun. If it was longer, we'd be settling down together and planning a family.

THQ arrives at PSP party

Brian Farrell and the wrestling boys turn up on time with a four-pack of brewskies.

PSP bandwagon sees GT4 date announced

After yesterday's PSP announcathon from Sony comes solid news on what could well be the ultimate handheld racer (TM).

Shark Tale

Will Smith, Angelina Jolie and a bucket of fish. You people really are disgusting, you know that?

X-Men Legends

One-eyed freak and knife fetishist join bald man in effort to save world. And they let children play this, you say...

DS 'to launch with four games'

Nintendo of America prepares to show of its twin-screened marvel in Seattle as first news of initial software begins to leak.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires

We originally thought it said 'Vampires'. That would've been more interesting.

Def Jam: Fight For New York

The Iceberg gives us respec', bro. Because we kicked him half to death. Weirdo.

Madden NFL 2005

Only EA could make a sport you don't understand about men who think pushing people over and shot-gunning 'Bud' is a way of life massively enjoyable. It's Maddening. We kill ourselves.

FeatureTalking Smack

We chat to THQ creative director Nick Wlodyka about WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW, what's changed, and what the publisher is hoping to achieve with its next-generation wrestling titles.

Simply sets up summer sizzler

Advertising Feature: Simply Games announced cheap offers for the sunny season today, giving you even less reason to get up, go to work, leave the house, etc.


What do you do after making a precise rally game with classic cars? You throw your toys out of your pram and smash everything up, obviously.


Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is put them to sleep, you know. They go to cat heaven. Apart from Catwoman, which will roast in the most virulent fires of hell. Shame. Nice coat.

FeatureMidnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Rockstar powers upwards and onwards with its dubbed-up free-roamer, but can it stand the heat from the EA juggernaut and its insatiable Need for Speed?

Juiced ready for September triple whammy

Mod car three-way action gets hot for autumn, but cagey competition keeps specifics under wraps.

FeatureRockstar Speaks: The Art of GTA San Andreas

Rockstar North’s art director, Aaron Garbut, gives the rarest of interviews on the look of the biggest game of all time. Pray silence, for the man in charge of the San Andreas style.

FeatureDan Houser: The GTA San Andreas interview

Rockstar won’t talk to nobody, fool. You can’t see Rockstar. Until now. Eazily Dan approach, the microphone because he ain’t no joke…

Nintendo cautious on PS3 announcement, Revolution prepares for war

Nintendo Europe has added a word of calm to hysteria sweeping the Web.

World War Zero: Ironstorm

The war's different, but the tactics are the same.

No European date as Microsoft shows online EyeToy equivalent for Xbox

The first images of Video Chat, the system combining an Eye-Toy style webcam and Xbox Live, have been released in Japan, but there’s no news for PAL owners as yet.

Millar brothers enter Lion's den

Chez Molyneux, Lionhead Studios, has confirmed that Blizzard power duo Ron and Chris Millar are onside as the developer prepares for meteoric ascendancy.

Dirty Harry rumours start feeling lucky, punk

Warner Bros is apparently touting its world famous cop franchise to developers, asking them to pitch to take control of the most powerful handgun in the world.

Galleon sinks

Eight years in the making, the subject of more coverage than the world’s largest duvet and Lara Croft’s inflated chest couldn’t even save it from drowning in the choppy waters of the UK chart.

Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2

Japanese tennis brings hardcore RPG action to the hallowed greens of the All England Club, if you can believe that. New balls, etc.

FeatureWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Relic, a company that makes un-rubbish strategy games, causes men to regress and squeal like infants over small plastic figures. Exclusive shots of PC strategy action inside.

Vivendi clams on PS2 Riddick

Sources have seen it running, but the publisher of the game of the moment has nothing to say. The real question is, just how well will PS2 manage to render the baldest head in entertainment?

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager beta demo available now!

Eurofiles and Sports Interactive team up to deliver a brand new taster from the greatest sports management development team on the planet. You wait: why?


When people come running in during an E3 presentation to complain about the noise, you know the guns are pretty loud.


Brings out the soft side in all you big men out there? Sicher...

Full Spectrum Warrior

The most promising, least sensitive war simulation ever made. See what lots of American government money running on an Xbox looks like.

Outrun 2: first Xbox shots and details!

The practically mythic Sega racer that they said would never happen... is happening. And it's been transformed from the arcade version in the UK, no less.

Muckybaby goes back to school

Muckyfoot may have gone on to the great university in the sky, but its baby brother is just about to graduate with a School Daze clone. Seriously.

EA to air pre-show sextet in CA

The world's largest publisher is showing off some of its biggest upcoming titles at its San Franciscan headquarters tomorrow, prior to E3 next month. Burnout 3, anyone?

Shield sex shock for Sammy

Point of View's adaptation of Fox's hard-hitting good-cop-bad-cop drama will push the acceptability envelope at E3 next month, says the developer, while talk of a 24 game is hushed.

Sega: 'Six brand new games at E3'

Exclusive: A new Sonic game won't make the year's biggest show say pundits, but Sega is looking bullish for E3 with PSP and DS games...

This Is Football 2004

Unless you're from Sweden, you probably won't have much cause to celebrate this evening. Still, at least now you can go online and seek revenge!

Red Dead Revolver series confirmed

Rockstar has admitted that previously Capcom-owned cowboy PS2/Xbox action-fest will be part of a full series. First details inside.

'Major Darth Vader game' rumoured

Is LucasArts polishing the ultimate helmet?

GDC: First Serious Sam 2 shots!

World Exclusive: Croteam makes the first ever showing of the true sequel to its frantic shooter. We have the shots to prove it.

GDC: Half-Life 2 faces up to new screens

Exclusive: Valve goes for the facial at the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose, and we have the close-ups direct from the showfloor.

No Tomb Raider for E3

Crystal Dynamics may well have Eidos' gaming doyenne up and running for the seventh in the mammoth, teetering series, but she's skirting LA in May.

LucasArts joins GameCube exodus

Following Codemasters' admission yesterday that it has no GameCube titles in development, two more majors show Cube-phobia. LucasArts, stand up and tell the group...

Euro 2004 kicks Cube into touch

There will be no blockbusting Euro 2004 football action for GameCube this year, EA and Codemasters confirmed today, with the latter admitting no internal development for the machine is ongoing in any form. Ouch.

Thief III steals Euro release date

Eidos comes clean on when you're going to be playing both Xbox and PC versions.

Lucas brings Half-Life 2 Havok with Pandemic's Mercenaries

South East Asia is soooo this year. The Star Wars boys get in on the action with a first showing of Mercenaries in London.

Exclusive: Euro PSX confirmed for 2004

The all singing, all dancing Sony super-console prepares for European launch with a Hannover showing at CEBIT this week, while SCEE finally gets solid on a release date.

Tekken 5 ready for E3

Namco will show the latest in the Tekken series at E3, according to UK sources.

De Niro and Pacino square up for Godfather

EA is targeting Hollywood superstars Robert de Niro and Al Pacino for involvement in its Godfather games. Notice the plural, you schmuck.

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