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Jane is co-editor at Outside Xbox, where she writes words and makes videos. She enjoys dialogue trees.

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Occasionally we are invited to play a first-person shooter in multiplayer matches against people who make it their business to be very good at them. Take the video below, in which Mike and Andy sample the purposefully retro sensibility of multiplayer in the rebooted Doom.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's black and gold palette, obsession with triangles and exceptional trenchcoat made it visually distinctive, but its style has evolved into something meaner and more uncanny for follow-up Mankind Divided. Executive art director Jonathan Jacques-BelletÍte shows us how in the video below.

Of all the gizmos Just Cause 3 adds to the toybox of grapple-happy hero Rico, the new rocket mine is our favourite. When triggered, this sticky explosive gives a few seconds of propulsion before going boom. This produces some bizarre physicsy spectacles, such as a human ragdoll firework, or the world's least reliable flying car.

VideoVideo: Battletoads' infamous turbo tunnel revisited

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Rare Replay is a collection of 30 retro games to celebrate the 30th year of beloved British game developer Rare, the studio behind Perfect Dark, Viva Pinata and Banjo Kazooie. If you dig into the Rare Replay bundle on Xbox One you will also find Rare was the outfit behind stone cold classics Snake Rattle and Roll, Digger T Rock: Legend of the Lost City and Solar Jetman: Hunt For The Golden Warpship. Me either.

The next Assassin's Creed is Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, and it will be set in Victorian London. So said publisher Ubisoft this week in its big unveiling, which corroborated a number of rumours about the game, but also gave us heaps of detail, several minutes of revealing gameplay, and some arresting old-timey facial hair. Discover the pertinent points in this video.

The Elder Scrolls Online has come at last to consoles, albeit as a short-term beta test ahead of launch in June. Take a watch of my lowbie Khajiit sorcerer in this Xbox One gameplay and see for yourself how the massively multiplayer Tamriel stacks up against its original incarnation on PC.

On account of being a whole bunch of almost nothing, real space is quiet, cold and frictionless. This makes it excitingly dangerous and inconveniently uncinematic, often at the same time, so that popular fiction has a tough time with accurate depictions of space.

Like appearing on a reality TV show or shopping on a Black Friday, there is something about rising to the top of a military organisation in a videogame that brings out the worst in people. Consider the megalomaniacal officers below who are well overdue a chat with a careers advisor.

VideoFar Cry 4 adds karmic balance and tactical beehives

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

Far Cry 3 veterans will recognise Far Cry 4's familiar gameplay loops of commandeering vehicles, hunting animals, climbing towers and liberating outposts, but there are new bits too. Take Far Cry 4's new karmic levelling system, which awards you karma points for good deeds and deducts them when you are a jerk.

Why do game manuals sometimes give a character's blood group along with the expected name, height and age? Have a watch for the significance of blood types in Japanese games and find out if you're a compatible donor for the cast of Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Street Fighter - at last.

In Far Cry 4 you can cut the brakes on a car, load it with explosives and roll it down a hill into a mob of henchmen, says Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson. Speaking of vehicles for incendiary content, here is your weekly selection of videos from Outside Xbox. Welcome, Eurogamers, and thanks for joining us.

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