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Jaz Rignall is editorial director of Eurogamer's American cousin, USgamer.net. Back in the day he worked on ZZAP! 64, Mean Machines and C&VG when it was made of paper.

FeatureEurogamer's guide to system swansongs

A hundred ways to say goodbye.

With many gamers currently obsessing over the upcoming next-gen systems and the first games that will be available for them, I thought I'd do something completely different - and instead take a look at the very last games to be launched for classic and not-so-classic consoles.

Letter from America

Jaz Rignall says howdy from across the pond, among other such cliché-ridden American-style greetings.

If you haven't already ascertained from the spammy thing at the top of Eurogamer's homepage, your favorite video game site has a brand spanking new American cousin, USgamer.net. And we thought it might be a fun idea for us to write a weekly article about the crazy madcap stuff that's been going on out here. Not the shooting rampages, killing of unarmed teenagers and drone strikes you tend to hear most about, but the fun stuff that's been going on in video gaming.

FeatureDefinitive Years in Gaming History: 1991

Jaz Rignall on 1991's historical significance.

In May 1972, the Magnavox Odyssey was launched in the US. The brainchild of visionary electronics engineer Ralph Baer, this inaugural home video game console heralded the digital entertainment era and kick-started the games industry in one fell swoop.