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Play It plans extensive 9.99 PS2 range

Remember Cel Damage Overdrive? Things like that.

Acclaim set to drop Cube support

No more Legends of Wrestling... No more Turok... No more Burnout!

Lik-Sang founder speaks out

'A serious trial, with competent Judges, is now definitely needed to settle the question once and for all...'

Japanese newspaper retracts Xbox 2 statements

False alarm as generally reliable source wipes egg off face.

Nintendo wins landmark court case against Lik-Sang

Popular importer ordered to pay significant damages and expenses.

Cube protection cracked by pirates?

Great, so you've downloaded a pirate game - now lets see you play it.

Sony's 1998 portable gaming plans revealed

How political wrangling at SCE killed Sony's handheld ambitions.

Real Time Worlds hints at the future

"Fans of GTA and next-generation racing games will not be disappointed..."

Nintendo's Spaceworld on hiatus - again

Looks like they weren't holding back the best at E3 after all, then.

Spring 2005 launch for next Nintendo console?

Making good on its promise to beat MS and Sony to market.

PlayStation - the house that Sony built

Sony plots brand dominance of the coming decade.

PS2 price cut to 199 in Europe?

Still more expensive than anywhere else, though.

Microsoft plans Xbox Live overhaul

The Xbox becomes a "digital media centre", much to nobody's surprise.

Lost Toys to develop Stunt Car Racer Pro

Crammond enlists Battle Engine Aquila developer.

Capcom axes 18 projects

Major losses

Xbox price to drop this week

Thirteen months on, £170 cheaper

CM4 is UK's fastest-selling PC game ever

We didn't have to wait until next week to find out after all, then

Steel Battalion launch farce

Limited numbers to leave pre-orders unfulfilled

Cube makes massive gains

And Nintendo banks on GBA SP to keep up the momentum

Sega turns to Sonic

2003 will be the "Year of Sonic", apparently

Argos to drop GameCube

Slashes price in clearance bid

Sony scotches rumours of early PS3 launch

Never believe anything until it's been denied?

Codies goes shopping at GDC

Codies plan to nab at least five triple-A's in San Jose

Sega and Sammy announce merger plans

Two of Japan's biggest gaming companies are to become one

NVIDIA and MS kiss and make up

Future of Xbox successor still uncertain

EA consolidates in new LA campus

Westwood faces the chop

Cheats prosper for Datel

Datel celebrates best-seller Action Replay figures

KOCH to publish new Bitmaps RTS

Legendary Bitmap Brothers sign their latest with KOCH Media

Xbox Live debuts in Japan

Microsoft's online service has formally launched in Japan

Receivers called in at Rage

British publisher considers its options

Microsoft to publish Steel Battalion

For Capcom or in spite of them?

Codemasters launches career advice resource

Advice for aspiring programmers, artists and testers, courtesy of Codies

Honduras set to ban violent videogames

Rising violent crime levels down to videogames and toys

Nintendo fined €149m for price-fixing

The EC has found Nintendo guilty of price-fixing charges

Acclaim bags Sega PS2 trio

Updated versions of Sega's games to appear on PS2 from Acclaim

GTA3 sweeps the boards at the Golden Joysticks

Consumer-voted awards propel Grand Theft Auto to the top of the pile

Lik-Sang resurfaces after lawsuits

Popular importer is back in business, minus mod chip products

Microsoft takes Xbox security war to Hong Kong

The Xbox hacking “community” receives another heavy blow courtesy of Microsoft’s legal department

Westka Interactive shuts its doors

End of the line for development studio, with the loss of 44 jobs

Nintendo confirms Rare sale

It's officially been sold, and we all know who's bought it, don't we?

Official ChampMan mag in the works

You've played the game, eroded the social life, been dumped by the girlfriend - now buy the magazine!

Last lap for Microprose UK studio

It would seem that old labels do die, after all

Rare deal for Microsoft

Nintendo second-party becomes a Microsoft first-party

FeatureThe Y-Project

All the latest on Westka's spectacular Unreal-engined shooter

Xbox retaliates with £159 price point

Anything you can do, I can do better!

Further boost for PS2 as SCEE drops price

£169.99 is the new price tag, leaving the ball in Microsoft's court.

Square deal fell through for Microsoft

Japanese giants fail to board the Xbox train

Xbox mod-chip runs foul of lawyers

Xbox hackers take legal advice followed by an early bath