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Gaikai signs Electronic Arts deal

Cloud service getting MOH, Mass Effect etc.

Reeves: Sony needs to release PSP2

In order to keep pace with 3DS.

SEGA cuts UK and US jobs

Plans to "invest more" in digital.

Sony cancels PlayStation Room plans

Project won't proceed beyond beta.

Pachter predicts Slim 360/Natal bundle

For $299 this year, says analyst.

MS changes Xbox Live Points system

But only in the US, so far.

Parliament passes Digital Economy bill

Good news, PEGI. Bad luck, pirates.

Miyamoto: Gaming tech scares people

Mainstream acceptance still a way away.

David Reeves taking charge at Capcom

Former Sony man takes Europe job.

Activision shuffles execs, reorganises

Into four divisions. Some job losses in UK.

Battlefield 1943 is XBLA's fastest-seller

Over one million customers now served.

UK games industry to get tax relief

Government adopts TIGA's plan.

Nintendo has "incredible" hardware record

Developers positive on 3DS.

Analysts: 3D will set Nintendo apart

3DS can reboot flagging DS market.

US games market down 8 per cent in 09

Sales of everything but handhelds fell.

Lasky: EA is in the wrong business

Former EA man slags off management.

Modern Warfare 2 wins 2009 in UK

FIFA 10 and FIFA 2009 also in top 10.

Rebellion to close Derby studio

Rogue Warrior dev bites the dust.

Greenpeace: Nintendo most eco-unfriendly

Scores minimal points in annual report.

Microsoft drops internal Natal chip

To allow updates and cost savings.

Brits spent £3bn on videogames in 2009

Last year was second strongest in history.

Modern Warfare 2 wins America 2009

But Nintendo dominates rest of charts.

Sony mentions monthly subs again

"Sell-and-forget" model is undesirable.

French court favours DS flash cart  seller

Nintendo "extremely disappointed" at ruling.

3D gaming will reach 40 million by 2014

New report reckons tech will spread rapidly.

Sony confirms PSP Minis for PS3

Mid-December firmware has emulator.

Dyack: 2009 cuts have been "staggering"

Silicon Knights are one of the last "V8s".

Call of Duty marches past $3bn mark

Activision's "greatest" has sold 55m units.

Dedicated servers for Aliens vs Predator

Rebellion "always appreciated fan support."

Wii Vitality Sensor games for E3 2010

Fils-Aime pumped about showing more.

Valve: Raise price and digi games still sell

Dev discusses price variation on Steam.

Former EA men head up Acti studio

From Visceral to Sledgehammer.

First Square Eidos collaboration under way

In development in Montreal, says Wada.

Chart-Track defends MW2 sales count

Analyst questions hasty results.

MW2 street date "most broken in history"

Retailers lash out at supermarkets, etailers.

Early copies of MW2 break street date

The Hut/LoveFilm admit mistake.

Langdell finds new trademark target

Tackles PuzzleKings' Killer Edge Racing.

RedLynx: We put Trials on torrent sites

Devs hoped to take advantage of piracy.

Free version of Unreal Engine 3 released

Epic aims to get students' cogs turning.

Savvy shoppers buy MW2 for £25

Trade-in deals bypass price hike.

Jagex cans MechScape at enormous cost

Didn't meet quality standards, apparently.

Tories criticise UK gov support for games

Vaizey: Industry is "critically important".

"PSPgo will fail miserably" - UK retailer

And put others off, says Chips MD.

XBL Twitter, Facebook beta this month

Subscribers and press to test new features.

PSPgo nudges hardware up 120 per cent

Performed to expectations, says Sony.

Retailers furious at supermarket prices

Indies want laws to stop "bully boys".

APB beta opens next week

Realtime Worlds boss confirms.

Codemasters' Raeburn leaves studio

The brain behind GRID and DiRT.

Europe gets EUR 50 Wii price cut

But won't affect UK price of £179.99.

Wada: new Nintendo console by 2011

Will be like PS3 and 360, says Squenix boss.

GRIN's Final Fantasy game lives on

Square Enix takes project elsewhere.

No wireless MP or DLC for PSP Minis

Sony dropping features to speed approval.

Time is right to leave Lara, says Gard

But he's sorry she slipped from his grasp.

PGR confirmed for Zune HD this year

Microsoft's handheld campaign begins.

Apple: DS and PSP "don't stack up"

App Store content dwarfs rivals.

250GB PS3 Slim bundle for October?

Rumoured GAME exclusive to cost €350.

PS3 Slim breaks records in Japan

Shifts 150,000 units in three days.

PS3 sales rocket 1000% on Slim release

Newly-priced Elite also strong in UK.

Sony wants you for reality PSN series

The Tester gives winner dream QA job.

Splatterhouse dev closes down

BottleRocket's fight for survival is over.

Ubisoft praises "exceptional" PS3 price

EA thinks "it's awesome", too.

Sony "confident" of high PSPgo price

Free GT PSP will sweeten deal.

Wolfenstein MP team axed on release day

Endrant Studios cut back.

ASDA drops 80GB PS3 price to £250

Retailer discount jumps gamescom gun.

Wii Sports Resort sells half a million

US copies disappearing every second.

Midway confirms Newcastle studio closure

Necessary Force canned for now.

id won't create new IP for Bethesda

Has "plenty to keep themselves busy".

Fils-Aime talks up Wii Vitality Sensor

The next balance board, says US boss.

Nintendo games dominating in 2009

Update: ELSPA amends misleading chart.

Damnation team sent packing

Blue Omega lay-offs follow poor sales.

Chinese government bans gold farming

Millions of pounds will be lost.

Only hard drive size holding 360 back

New GOD service a worry for retailers.

Realtime to reveal second MMO next year

It's "very ambitious", says APB dev.

Activision "might stop supporting Sony"

Unless PS3 drops in price, says Kotick.

House: Time is right for PS3 motion control

"Three crucial things" in place.

E3: Microsoft promotes Peter Molyneux

Creative direction of MS Game Studios.

E3: New Wii Fit, Mario, Zelda at E3 - report

"Nintendo has learned its lesson."

Epic expects photo-realism in a decade

Boss Tim Sweeney says it's "inevitable".

OnLive to stay away from E3

Expect more news soon though, says boss.

Sony to offer digital PSP game rentals?

They're certainly quizzing consumers on it.

Tony Hawk: Ride is 360 exclusive in UK

Microsoft in Santa's pocket.

Bethesda making mature Wii games

"Really big" title to be revealed this year.

Switcheroo frustrates Ghostbusters dev

Acti then Atari then Sony in a year.

Zoo picks up Empire publishing rights

FlatOut, Big Mutha, PipeMania, etc.

Sony grabs Ghostbusters from Atari

Game to become PlayStation exclusive?

Financial dispute puts Witcher on hold

Work stops on console versions.

Sony promises "best year ever" for PSP

Big franchises to reinvigorate handheld.

David Reeves retires from Sony

Andrew House new European CEO.

Marvel Universe won't arrive until 2012

MMO release tied into Avengers movie.

GDC: New console for emerging markets

USD 199 Zeebo uses digi downloads.

Namco completes purchase of D3

Has 95 per cent now, aiming for 100.

TT doing LEGO Potter, Crystal Skull games

CV leak also mentions new Hobbit pitch.

Nintendo Wii price to rise for UK trade

Due to depreciation of the pound.

Nintendo DS ships 100 million units

83 games have done over 1m units.

More than 6000 iPhone games now out

Puzzlers prove the most popular.

Ubi pulls I Am Alive from Darkworks

Ubi Shanghai brought in to hit deadline.

Age of Conan subs fall below 100,000

Funcom finance chief quits after huge losses.

NASA MMO developers announced

America's Army team involved.

More job losses at Mythic Entertainment

WAR developer feels the EA cuts deepen.

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