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Flying through life: Meet the man behind Panzer Dragoon

Yukio Futatsugi stumbled into the world of games, but he's left it a richer place.

Chance is a funny thing. The road we walk through life is filled with forks that force us to choose between one route and another, and with every turn the final destination becomes less and less clear. You know, a little like in OutRun.

Inside Japan's indie scene

A plethora of Japan's most promising independent developers did something unusual this month: they met each other.

While Western indie devs get fancy functions like GDC, IGF and Gamescom to show off their wares (and crowd-funded movies telling the story of their struggles), the indie scene in Japan is scattered at best. It's not that there aren't any small studios or one-man teams making exciting games - there are loads, as fans of La-Mulana, Cave Story or Tokyo Jungle will attest. But unified and strong the scene is not.

At Vita's Launch: a special report from Tokyo

House and Hirai celebrate; "I want to throw up," says first owner.

Sony execs Kaz Hirai and Andrew House attended an early-morning event in Tokyo yesterday to mark the launch of its sparkly new PlayStation Vita handheld.