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FeatureEurogamer's picks from the GOG Summer Sale

Up to 85% off the 17 titles in the Eurogamer collection.

The GOG Summer sale is now live (runs until midnight, Tuesday 20th), and the online PC game retailer invited us to curate our own selection from the games on offer. There are some of our favourite games of the last few years among the 17 games we picked - and a couple of classics from further back than that - at price reductions of up to 85%, so please do check it out. You can find the Eurogamer GOG sale hosted on GOG itself, but this seemed like a good opportunity to put together our own list singing the praises of these 17 gems of PC gaming, which you'll find below. Enjoy!

Happy final day of Rezzed! We've already had a couple of days of fascinating games, insightful talks and general fun times at what's fast becoming our favourite show of the year. We would say that, of course, given that - disclaimer time! - the event's run under the umbrella of our parent company Gamer Network, but look at our faces: we're being completely honest.

Destiny: Crota's End guide and walkthrough

Our complete guide to beating Crota's End on the original normal and hard difficulties.

Crota's End is Destiny's second Raid, introduced as part of the Dark Below expansion, which sees players venture into the Moon to take down the son of Oryx.