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Kristan is a former editor of Eurogamer, dad, Stone Roses bore and Norwich City supporter who sometimes mutters optimistically about Team Silent getting back together.

New Far Cry 2 DLC coming soon

Fortune's Pack on the way for 360 and PS3.

Super Street Fighter II Uno deck coming

Unleash the Hadoken command card. Oh yes.

Rare LBP download up for grabs

Design a level and win a crown.

Square Enix working on new action game

It'll be made in the new LA studio.

Dead Kennedys tracks hit Rock Band

Unleash your inner punk.

New details of Cube remakes for Wii

Famitsu report suggests effort being made.

Call of Duty: World at War patch out

Features 317MB of fixes for the PC version.

Q3's top five best-sellers revealed

Madden, Wii Fit and Star Wars win out.

Hover car coming to Burnout Paradise

Back To The Future-style.

Far Cry 2 for PC gets first patch

See the fun-filled list of changes. Go on.

New Valkyria Chronicles content coming

It'll reach the US and Europe in early 09.

Xbox 360 winning online battle, says Epic

Bossman sings Microsoft's praises.

GTA on Wii "didn't really feel natural"

Says Rockstar's Dan Houser.

Home 1.00 launching end October?

Along with firmware 2.50?

FreeStyleGames working on DJ Hero?

Speculation mounts following acquisition.

White Knight Chronicles gets release date

PS3 RPG out in Japan this year. Just.

Gold Commodore 64 sells for GBP 2650

And it's not even made of real gold.

Immersion to pay Microsoft USD 20m

Legal rumble finally settled.

Tetris clone axed from app store

Tris pulled after legal threat.

Akuma to appear in SFIV arcade

He'll be a boss character.

Yu Suzuki still at SEGA after all

All a big mistake, admits US CEO.

SEGA legend Yu Suzuki departs

"He's kind of his own man right now."

Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball dated

Out next month on Live Arcade.

Dragon Quest IV dated for Europe

The Chapters of the Chosen out next month.

Ubi suing over Ass Creed PC leak

Wants USD 10m from disc duplicator.

Mega Drive handheld out now

Not by SEGA, but has 20 oldies on it.

PSP could get Trophies too

Buzz producer spills beans.

PSP hard drives "increasingly likely"

Tretton feels movie content pressure.

The Who frontman bored by Rock Band

Daltrey won't get fooled again.

Dead Rising beheading to Wii?

Japanese reports suggest so.

First budget PS3 titles hit US

USD 30 for Ass Creed, R6 Vegas, more.

Bungie making new Halo title

Microsoft's Don Mattrick says so.

Zelda and Mario teams hard at work

But Nintendo coy on what.

Nintendo introduces us to Wii Music

Over 50 instruments to play.

Grand Theft Auto heading to DS

This winter, says Nintendo.

First Wolfenstein details emerge

"The ultimate supernatural thriller."

Tomb Raider Underworld dated

November arrival narrowed down.

Left 4 Dead gets Euro date

Valve zombie shooter in November.

Halo Wars marches to next year

Out first half of 2009, says Microsoft.

You're In The Movies for Xbox 360

Another use for your Live Vision camera.

Final Fantasy XIII coming to 360

Will be out same time as PS3.

Portal coming to Xbox Live Arcade

"Still Alive" due out this year.

Gears of War 2 out November 7th

So says Cliff Bleszinski.

Resident Evil 5 release date announced

Simultaneous worldwide in March.

360 outselling PS3 since GTA IV launch

Sony still ahead this year, says Chart-Track.

Wii Fit in stock "as soon as possible"

Nintendo: "We're doing everything we can".

Buku Sudoku and Warlords on XBLA

Available now. Don't all rush at once.

GTA IV still top of the UK charts

Ahead of Age of Conan and Haze.

C64 Channel coming to Virtual Console

"Later this year", and Euro exclusive.

New Sims 2 expansion

Bon Voyage later this year.

Inafune denies Dead Rising 2

Not in production, says producer.

Paper Mario joins Euro VC

Along with Air Zonk.

PGR 1 and 2 now 360 compatible

And OutRun 2, JSRF, Morrowind...

E3: Wii Fit announced

Work off those love handles.

E3: Super Mario Galaxy dated

November 12th in US.

E3: Wii Zapper unveiled

Lightgun add-on coming to Wii.

E3: Mario Kart Wii online Q1 '08

Compatible with Wii Wheel.

E3: Smash Bros. Wii dated

December in US.

New Halo 3 shots

See what the fuss is about.

Brit gaming radio tops charts

One Life Left bags iTunes No.1.

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts hits VC

Galaga and Double Dungeons too.

GDC: Viva Piņata sequels planned

Over next 2-3 years, says Rare.

Boom Boom Rocket price set

Not 'over the top'.

Richard Joseph dies

Legend passes away aged 53.

SWOS coming to PC

"Later in the year" says Codies.

PS3 firmware updated to 1.54

Adds UVC USB webcam support.

Streets of Rage joins VC

Along with three others.

PSN release schedule confirmed

Tekken, Blast Factor at launch.

PS3 download prices for UK

Cheaper and more expensive...

Sam & Max for XBLA?

Telltale "evaluating new platforms".

Alien Hominid coming to Live

Tomorrow, 800 points.

Forza 2 website re-launches

Car porn alert.

Wing Commander for XBLA

Space action in summer.

Wing Commander on 360

Good old ESRB leaks.

FM 2007 out now

Broken street date ahoy!

Prey sequel confirmed

Giving the game away.

Release deluge promised for DS

Inc. Yoshi's Island 2, Diddy Kong Racing, Starfox.

Call of Duty rumours abound

Two new titles on the way?

Black 'not coming to 360'

But Black 2 will be.

ICO re-issue confirmed

Coming to Europe Feb 2006!

Cecil: 'I've not left Revolution'

No LA-based partying for Charles.

Doom RPG trailer released

Available on Eurofiles now.

GTA PSP delayed to Nov 4th

Slips a week in Europe.

PS3 to usher in Brave New World

Says PS3 developer Yamauchi.

Call of Duty 2 demo out

All 665MB of it

Sega signs next generation Bizarre Creations title

But no-one knows what it is yet.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 demo out

Grab it from Eurofiles now.

Bach slams Xbox 360 survey

'Not worth anything' blasts Xboss

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast found

Lots more on Valve's freebie.

PS3 rumour overload

GTA 4, MGS 4, and more.

Bizarre crowds out Xbox 360

PGR3: spectator frenzy.

GTA PSP due October 28th

Euro release date confirmed.

GTA coming to PS3

Says so in the US OPSM2.

PSP smashes UK sales records

185,000 units sold in first 4 days

DoD Source nearly ready

Out later this month says Valve.

Pilot Academy flies to PSP

Takes off in March 2006

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