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Kristan Reed


Kristan is a former editor of Eurogamer, dad, Stone Roses bore and Norwich City supporter who sometimes mutters optimistically about Team Silent getting back together.

Medal of Honor: Breakthrough

Medal Of Honor: By numbers?

Feature | Activate 2003 Round-up

Kristan's blind drunk haggis adventure in the Burgh.

True Crime: Streets Of LA

True Classic or True Copycat?

Feature | Call Of Duty

Allied Assault with big shiny knobs on.

Feature | The Movies

The Godfather of the Sim genre returns to reclaim his throne.

Feature | SSX 3

Whatever happened to SSX 2?

Feature | The Sims 2

Seven expansion packs later we get the sequel!

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

EA rips the scabs off more WWII war wounds.

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Destroy the ring in the Crack of Doom? Did Tolkein have piles?

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Bond invites Sam Fisher and Solid Snake over for tea.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough

Mission pack No.2 for the definitive WWII shooter.

Feature | Battlefield Vietnam

Online gaming goes rock and roll.

Jak II: Renegade

Kristan plays with his little ginger friend.

Feature | Make your own TV shows!

Kristan speaks to Jon Hare about his latest project.

Feature | UK Charts 2003: Summer Report

Statto Reed thumbs through sales figures and discovers what you've been buying, and what you've ignored.

Feature | Keep on truckin'

We chat to Eutechnyx's Kev Shaw, the man behind Big Mutha Truckers...

Feature | The Fall Of Duke Nukem

When Forever is a Long Time.

E3 2003: Gran Turismo 4

What we thought of the demo, and a quick chat with Kazunori Yamauchi...

Feature | E3 2003: Hidden & Dangerous II

Kristan puts on his 'war machine' cap and goes for a stroll across Europe.

Feature | E3 2003: Yuji Naka speaks

Via a bloody awful translator...

E3 2003: Kameo: Elements of Power

Bit-part or top performer?

E3 2003: Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Didn't we use that line when Microsoft bought Rare?

Feature | E3 2003: Half-Life 2

Three words: Oh. My. God.

E3 2003: Project Gotham Racing 2

Unsurprisingly, Kristan spends E3 speeding about in fast cars "picking up" "chicks".

Feature | E3 2003: Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Our jury is out, and this isn't a euphemism.

Feature | E3 2003: Halo 2

I want to be the Master Chief when I grow up.

Brute Force

Well, they could hardly call it Softly-Softly Force, could they?

Starsky & Hutch

Wacka chak whugga digga driving thrills with everyone's favourite hairy '70s cop duo.

Feature | Halo 2

Journey to Earthcity with the Master Chief.

Feature | Half-Life 2

The original game had a decent Half-Life, and this one looks like it might too...

Enter The Matrix

Kristan really thinks that's air he's breathing

Feature | StarCraft: Ghost

Blizzard’s tactical action shooter comes out of its shell

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Kristan spends the weekend on the high seas

Feature | Michel Cassius on Xbox Live

With Xbox Live now up and running in Europe, Kristan chats to Microsoft's head of the platform, Michel Cassius

Silent Hill 3

Unlike his in-game counterpart, Kristan is keen to get back to Silent Hill


Kristan goths his way through an updated build of Sony's adventure epic

Feature | The Devil's in the detail

Interview - Kristan lightly grills Mr Tanaka, producer of Devil May Cry 2

Splinter Cell

Shanghai Surprise: Kristan couldn't believe his eyes

AquaNox 2: Revelation

Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from meeee!

Feature | Jason Rubin, Naughty Dog

Interview - Kristan has a chinwag with Naughty Dog's Jason Rubin, and asks him your questions!

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Kristan bravo echo tangos his rations in Mogadishu

Devil May Cry 2

First Impressions - Kristan's been blubbing his way through Capcom's latest...

Command & Conquer Generals

First Impressions - Kristan gets to grips with the latest instalment in the long running C&C series

Splinter Cell

First Impressions - it's better than the Xbox version...

Feature | America II

Kristan gets a sneak peek at Data Becker's forthcoming RTS, y'all


First Impressions - Kristan goes hands-on with an early version of Cambridge Studio's beastly adventure

Game Boy Advance SP

First Impressions - Kristan goes hands-on with the best thing we've heard about all day