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Kristan Reed


Kristan is a former editor of Eurogamer, dad, Stone Roses bore and Norwich City supporter who sometimes mutters optimistically about Team Silent getting back together.


Vexx wants to be Mario, but he's forgotten something

Eidos classics for a fiver

Sold Out bags 13 of them

Crammond back with Stunt Car Racer Pro

Doing something other than Grand Prix - at last!

Capcom shifts dev focus away from Cube

Res Evil series et al going multi-platform once again

Sega Sports Day, with Barry Wannaker and Banal Handsome

Sega Sports Day - with your hosts Barry Wannaker and expert wheezebag Banal Handsome!

Championship Manager 4

Only three months before you next see another human being...

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Can the PS2 handle the Xbox classic?

Devil May Cry 2

Kristan bawls his way through Capcom's latest

Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb

Kristan has been humming the tune all day

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Kristan spends the weekend on the high seas

Sega Bass Fishing Duel

Review - go fish!

Metroid Prime

Hallelujah! The Cube is saved!

FeatureMichel Cassius on Xbox Live

With Xbox Live now up and running in Europe, Kristan chats to Microsoft's head of the platform, Michel Cassius

Silent Hill 3

Unlike his in-game counterpart, Kristan is keen to get back to Silent Hill


Micro goes Micro, and Kristan's there to see how it fits

Tenchu's stealth attack on No.1 slot

Sims succumbs to Ninja attack

EA bags Black & White 2

Another day, another sequel

£30 off Cube for first 400,000 GBA SP owners

Can't use it on the Metroid Pak

Dr. Muto

Review - Kristan. Platformer. Review. Again.

Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced

Kristan tackles another platformer (he's getting tired now)

Games selling a lot - Shock

The world is going game crazy, says Screen Digest

Evil can't remove Sims from No.1 Residency

Everything I do I do it for EA

Virtua Tennis

Anyone for tennis?

PS2 online broadband-only in Europe

Probably for the best

ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth

Kristan tackles this week's best Xbox platformer! Er...

Championship Manager 4

Insert fanfare


Kristan goths his way through an updated build of Sony's adventure epic

Activision snaps up Molyneux flicks title

Live out your Spielberg fantasies in The Movies

VF4 Evo coming to PS2

Sega eyes summer release for beat em up remix

Ghouls 'N Ghosts exhumed for online

Retro platformer becomes Massively Multi-player? How?

Sims clings on again

Is there no stopping this uber franchise?

Resident Evil Zero

Is it Evil for the right reasons? Kristan finds out...

No really, this is the Longest Journey

Sequel to Funcom’s award winning adventure in Final Fantasy naming conundrum

Six pack for PS2 online

First party bonanza

Rockstar killed the competition

Is that the sound of Cha-Chings across the Atlantic?

Anarchy in Norway

Another booster pack in the works

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Link-up fans, pay attention: GBA in GameCube link shock!

Ape Escape 2

Review - one game where Kristan really did want to catch them all

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Tom was originally going to review it, but then it turned out to be good so Kristan stole it

Metroid Primed for release

Console plus game for 199 Euros

Burnout 2 Live features revealed

"Heart stopping auto carnage" comes to Xbox Live - but no online racing, sadly

Sims holds on to No.1 slot

Is there no stopping this franchise?


Single-player action RPG from new boys DreamCatcher

X-Men get RPG treatment

Late 2003 console release for X-Men Legends

New Extreme G on the way

Fourth in the series coming to PS2, Cube and Xbox this August

Euro first for Silent Hill 3

We're really quite quite scared…

Game Boy Advance SP

The oh-so lucky Kristan is more than happy with Nintendo's new toy

FeatureThe Devil's in the detail

Interview - Kristan lightly grills Mr Tanaka, producer of Devil May Cry 2

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Review - Kristan Kan't think of a Klever sub-head

Pac-Man World 2

Review - Kristan does his Tupac impression

Sims holds off Generals

...and Mortal Kombat

Splinter Cell

Shanghai Surprise: Kristan couldn't believe his eyes

Gaming mags suffering

Latest circulation figures make for grim reading

When is a chart not a chart?

£7,500 to be in WHSmith's listings

AquaNox 2: Revelation

Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from meeee!

Classic games for download

Minter, Vulcan, Revolution give their blessing to abandonware website

Sony gets arty

Primal Art exhibition comes to the ICA in April

FeatureJason Rubin, Naughty Dog

Interview - Kristan has a chinwag with Naughty Dog's Jason Rubin, and asks him your questions!

Xbox 2 is... a PC?

Video editing, Net access, the works, says Uncle Bill

Bubble Bobble - Old & New

Review - Kristan agrees to purchase some of his youth back from Empire

Sims holds off Unreal II

The chart still belongs to EA…

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Kristan bravo echo tangos his rations in Mogadishu

FIFA Football 2003

Review - Kristan boots ISS' biggest competitor on GBA. Back of the net.

Square fans take action

Sign a petition! Declare war on shoddy ports!

Sims kicks Getaway off top spot

...after a two and a half year gap

Devil May Cry 2

First Impressions - Kristan's been blubbing his way through Capcom's latest...

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Review - Jedi Outcast has finally been ported to consoles, and Kristan takes a look

ISS Advance

Review - Kristan takes on the best GBA footy game we've played

Command & Conquer Generals

First Impressions - Kristan gets to grips with the latest instalment in the long running C&C series

Free game for new Cube owners

Seven first party titles to choose from

Poptastic Dancing Stage MegaMix line up

Elvis and The Cure head up an eclectic track list

MOO3 is golden

...and available soon, says Infogrames

Starsky & Hutch case file

"Not just another driver/shooter". Honest.

Getaway back at No.1

Hammond and co confound doubters again

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Review - Kristan takes to the skies in Sega's long, long, long awaited Panzer Dragoon follow-up

SOS: The Final Escape

Review - Kristan becomes Keith and tries to escape a crumbling city

No.2 spot for Xbox

Next stop, world domination...


Review - a dismissive missive of the jingly one

Cube misses targets

Gamers "don't want to sit in front of the TV to play games for hours"

Haven canned on Cube

The game that is all games remains PS2 only

Allied Assault dev announces Men Of Valor

Jungle based FPS thrills, on PC and Xbox!

Primal slips

Another biggie delayed

Eidos slips CM4 and Tomb Raider

...but not too much

Bond comes to GBA

Let's hope it's better than the PC version

Splinter Cell

First Impressions - it's better than the Xbox version...

Cube Splinter Cell slips

Four months to wait

Res Evil 2 and 3 $40 in US

Capcom goes back on its word, shock

F-Zero US date set

An audible "whoop" emits from importers

Vice still hogging No.1 slot

The Getaway makes another charge

FeatureAmerica II

Kristan gets a sneak peek at Data Becker's forthcoming RTS, y'all

Dark Age Of Camelot gets expanded

Shrouded Isles details lurk within

Treasure Planet

Review - Kristan continues his quest to play every platform game this year

Game Boy Player date set

March 21st debut in Japan

EA cans BF1942 on Xbox

Another Xbox title bites the dust

Unreal II goes gold

Game in "not slipping" shock


First Impressions - Kristan goes hands-on with an early version of Cambridge Studio's beastly adventure

Acclaim shows its hand for 2003

Burnout 2 ports confirmed, but no follow up in sight

Sly Raccoon

Kristan moonlights as a Thievius Raccoonus

Ubi reveals busy Q1

Cell-shaded data