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VideoX-Men: Destiny character suit trailers

Juggernaut, Emma Frost and Havok.

VideoDisney Universe adds Pirates gameplay

Jack! Gibbs! Barbossa! Blackbeard!

VideoResident Evil: Revelations trailer

Extended vid lays on the exposition.

VideoKingdom Hearts 3D: DDD trailer

Disney, Square mash-up goes 3D.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 new TGS trailer

With the Japanese Xbox 360 theme song.

VideoUltimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 trailer

Full game to include movement, time.

VideoBlacklight Retribution trailer

Dev diary for the free-to-play shooter.

VideoUncharted: Golden Abyss Vita footage

Over ten minutes of gameplay shown.

VideoCOD: Black Ops Rezurrection trailer

Call of Duty DLC coming to PC, PS3.

VideoLatest Anarchy Reigns TGS trailer

Platinum brawler's characters shown.

VideoBioshock: Infinite Japanese trailer

Elizabeth turns out to be multilingual.

VideoNeverDead trailer has demons, metal

Konami gets Megadeth to perform theme.

VideoNew Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 footage

Operation Guillotine running on console.

VideoStreet Fighter X Tekken Vita footage

Infamous character in handheld brawler.

VideoSilent Hill: Downpour trailer is noisy

Nu metal band Korn provide theme song.

Persona 4: The Golden Vita screenshots

Fighting! Mopeds! The countryside!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 screens

Swathes of pics from various modes.

NeverDead screenshots released

Try not to lose your head.

Serious Sam 3 pics depict aliens, co-op

See some serious split-screen shooting.

VideoLatest Super Mario 3D Land trailer

Blocks! Boos! Bowser with a raccoon tail!

Latest Zumba Fitness 2 screenshots

Dance in the city! On stage! On a boat!

World Rally Championship 2 Berlin shots

Other city tracks to follow in DLC.

VideoLatest Wipeout 2048 Vita trailer

Visually gloat! Challenge strangers!

VideoKatamari Damacy Vita trailer

Ball rolling! Star forging! On handheld!

Latest Battlefield 3 screenshots

Operation Guillotine, Caspian Border pics.

VideoFIFA Manager 12 press conference vid

Virtual management vs. real management.

VideoF1 2011 developer diary video

New features include safety cars, DRS.

VideoBravely Default: Flying Fairy 3DS vid

Fighting! Lava! Instrumental music!

VideoPlants vs. Zombies Cray-z rap video

Future generations will study this.

Metro: Last Light TGS screens emerge

Worst case of rush hour congestion.

VideoSoulcalibur 5 Astaroth, Viola trailer

Both old and new fighters battle it out.

VideoMichael Jackson: The Experience vid

The stone cold thriller lands on Vita.

VideoAnno 2070 walkthrough trailer

Will you be eco-friendly or industrial?

Supremacy MMA screenshots released

Game out next week, on 23rd September.

VideoTales of the Abyss 3DS character vids

Luke, Jade and Tear show their moves.

VideoRage television advert trailer

To the pumping tune of A Perfect Circle.

First PokePark 2 screenshots arise

Pikachu et al. return to the Wii.

VideoGuild Wars 2 race featurette trailer

Meet the technologically adept asura.

VideoGravity Daze PlayStation Vita trailer

Lush looking gravity manipulation game.

VideoSerious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! trailer

Out now; no need to use your head.

VideoShogun 2: Rise of the Samurai trailer

New campaign coming 27th September.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 TGS trailer

Returning characters and battles shown.

VideoF1 2011 PlayStation Vita trailer

Just as much vroom on a handheld.

VideoMetal Gear Solid HD Collection trailer

Kojima's PSP and PS2 titles remastered.

Final Fantasy 13-2 screenshots

Catch a glimpse of Hope and Snow.

Sumioni PlayStation Vita Screenshots

Sumi-e art style evocative of Okami.

VideoLatest Asura's Wrath TGS trailer

A god's finger is a sizeable opponent.

VideoFresh Dragon's Dogma gameplay

Hydras! Gryphons! Dragons! Monarchy!

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition 3DS screens

Will include 3D CG film Blood Vengeance.

VideoFallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road vid

DLC will wrap up the Courier's story.

VideoLatest Ninja Gaiden 3 TGS trailer

Who will die first: you, or the world?

New Renegade Ops screenshots roll out

Top-down vehicle shooter is explosive.

Lord of the Rings: Online screenshots

New gear in Rise of Isengard expansion.

Army Corps of Hell Vita screenshots

Square Enix's launch title in action.

Dynasty Warriors Vita screenshots

Same hack n' slash action, smaller screen.

VideoStreet Fighter X Tekken TGS trailer

Tag play! 4-way fights! Pandora Power!

VideoUltimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 trailer

Introducing Iron Fist and Vergil.

VideoZelda: Skyward Sword upgrade video

Gather items and improve your gear.

Inversion screenshots released

Fresh FPS Anti-grav action.

Latest Luigi's Mansion 2 3DS screens

Plumber branches out to house cleaning.

Street Fighter X Tekken fighter shots

Heihachi! Lili! Zangief! Rolento!

VideoLatest Mario Kart 7 3DS trailer

Krazy kart kapers on Nintendo handheld.

VideoArma 3 Gamescom presentation video

Shows disguises, underwater and more.

VideoZelda: Four Swords Anniversary Ed. vid

First look at DSi remake's singleplayer.

First images of Misty Pink 3DS model

Colourful handheld hits Japan 20th Oct.

Monster Hunter Tri G 3DS screenshots

City hubs and monster fights pictured.

VideoSuper Monkey Ball Vita reveal vid

Uses motion, touch and analogue control.

Video20-minute Skyrim gameplay demo

Spell slinging and dungeon crawling.

VideoTheatrhythm Final Fantasy 3DS trailer

Retro RPG rhythm game shows its moves.

VideoSaints Row: The Third new gang vid

Deckers gang! Cyberspace! Cyberdemon!

Super Monkey Ball Vita screenshots

Next-gen simians spotted on handheld.

VideoFIFA 12 football clubs trailer

Players earn XP for their chosen club.

VideoLord of the Rings Online dev diary

Epic battles await in The Gap of Rohan.

VideoHouse of the Dead Overkill PS3 trailer

Wii shooter remastered as Extended Cut.

VideoThe Darkness 2 developer diary

Secret cult The Brotherhood explained.

VideoGod of War Collection Volume 2 trailer

Both PSP titles remastered in full HD.

VideoNeed For Speed: The Run trailer

Revealing the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

VideoPersona 4 Ultimate Mayonaka Arena vid

Japanese trailer shows slick gameplay.

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