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FeaturePhil Harrison: The Real Next Generation

Microsoft's new dev boss has taken a circuitous route to the role. What will he bring to the job?

FeatureTough Road Ahead

Naysayers are speaking too soon on the 3DS - but that's not to say it's all looking rosy for the system.

FeatureCurate or Filter?

Separating the wheat from the chafe.

FeaturePolitical Milestone

Videogames are no longer a soft target for conservative polemic.

FeatureGame Changers

Move, Natal, 3D, Blu-ray, Live - which technologies will define the console battlefield in the coming years?

FeatureToll Booth

EA's Project Ten Dollar was a good idea, but it has launched us down a slippery slope.

FeatureGaming the Vote

Whatever the election outcome, there will be much to do if British development is to remain world-class.

FeatureTriumph of the Small

Ramming through the Digital Economy Bill makes no difference - the future of media still won't favour existing players.

FeatureParallax Dreams

It's not just the 3D bit that's odd about the 3DS - the announcement timing is also curious.

FeatureBeyond Infinity

The Infinity Ward spat is a symptom of a wider power struggle between top studios and publishers.

FeatureThird Party Puzzle

The idea that third parties can't do well on the Wii is firmly rooted and completely wrong.

Feature150,000's a Crowd

Developers may wring their hands over visibility, but you can never have too much content.

FeatureMaking it Special

Life is only going to get harder for companies who don't specialise.

FeatureWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising

Mild chaos, turning heavier with a risk of thunder.


How underhanded dealing could spell disaster for the growth of social gaming.

FeatureDisorderly Queue

Queues and overcrowded servers are no way to welcome new customers to your game.


After the fireworks of the PS3 Slim launch, the PSPgo is a disappointment.

FeatureBodies In Motion

Controllers are the talk of TGS, with the Sony and Microsoft divide increasingly clear.

FeatureUntethered Melodies

Robert Kotick rattles Sony and Microsoft's cages again - but is this just chest-beating from the world's top publisher?

FeatureDefinition Transition

The HD transition is still a work in progress - and it's happening more slowly than expected.

FeatureEnd of the Land Grab

The battle for market share at any cost is overshadowed by cold, hard, financial reality.

FeaturePricing On Demand

If digital distribution is going to work, publishers need to snap out of the pricing fantasy.

FeatureFlash in the pan

The excitement around netbooks needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt.

FeatureThe Free Trade

Free-to-play is a concept that's either exciting, terrifying or both.

Age of Conan

Thoth-Amon? Gesundheit.

FeatureFuncom's Craig Morrison

Age of Conan - one year later.

FeatureDepth Charges

3D displays promise an exciting future, but the present is more sobering.

StarCraft II

Terran up the competition: the beta, previewed

WOW held up StarCraft II for a year

Pardo explains SCII's long gestation.

FeatureSocial Animals

Social networking promises huge changes to how we play games.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Don't go breaking my heart.

FeatureMaking MMOs Massive

The demand matches the challenge.

FeaturePortable Positioning

Sony's new PSP will need to dazzle.

FeatureMobile Revolution

iPhone's success has changed the landscape forever.

FeatureShake, Rattle, Roll

If more motion controllers show at E3, all eyes should be on the software.

FeatureDuke Nukem Forever

End of an error.

Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack

Packing it in.

FeatureWar Games

Games have every right to explore modern wars, but they must tread with care.

FeatureThe Forbidden Kingdom

China represents a great opportunity if the obstacles can be overcome.

FeatureThe Big, Fat Question

Linking child obesity with games has caused outrage, but the criticism is fair.

FeaturePunched Out?

The British Government's claim to champion digital and creative industries rings very hollow.


Vin driver.

FeatureHigh Street Blues

It's a dreadful time to be a high street retailer - and it's only going to get worse.

FeatureUphill Struggle

Sony's expected operating loss isn't the PS3's fault, but that's where the blame will rest.

The Chronicles of Spellborn

Humble origins.

FeatureHow Big is Big Enough?

Lack of scale and weak management spells the end for smaller publishers.

FeatureThe Trader's Dilemma

The industry says it can't live with second-hand. It can't live without it.

FeatureGrowing the Long Tail

New business models are finally weaning the industry off transient hits.

FeatureTaming the Gorilla

Now more than ever, EA needs to steel itself for the changes ahead.


All singing, some dancing.

The Chronicles of Spellborn

A dodgy new MMO. In a good way.

FeatureEat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

Back before you knew he was gone.

FeatureLondon Calling

Publishers need to stop talking amongst themselves and start addressing the crowd.

FeatureFuncom's Craig Morrison

Conan's new emissary speaks.

FeatureHated and Broken

Everyone hates DRM, but not everyone will admit it doesn't work.

FeatureBig in Japan

Sony has much to prove at TGS - but Microsoft will be closely watched, too.

FeatureThe Art of Fable 2

Lionhead's artists down brushes for a pre-release chat.

FeatureMySims Kingdom

An audience with the rulers.


All the better to eat you with, my dear.

FeaturePirate Station

Has piracy simply become an excuse for failure among publishers?

FeatureMedia Molecule's Alex Evans

Setting the borders for LittleBigPlanet.

FeatureBungie's Damian Isla

Bungie's AI guru on the thinking behind Halo.

FeatureiPhone Gaming

Apple's unexpected gaming platform.


The very, very cold war.

FeatureBiting the Apple

The generation's big battle might not be between Sony and Microsoft after all.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The more you tighten your grip...

FeatureBlizzard's Perfect Storm

The industry's top developer knows the merits of the confessional.

FeatureTNA iMPACT!

Talking to the big man.

FeatureMaking Music

The flood of plastic instruments needs a dose of common sense.

FeatureFuncom's Gaute Godager

On launching Conan - and what comes next.

FeatureSkills Shortage

It's time for direct action against bad game-related degrees.

FeatureQ Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Remakes, revolutions and the future of media.

FeatureIn The Stocks

The Wii Fit supply debacle sees Nintendo failing its partners and audience.

Nintendo Channel launches tomorrow

DS demos, trailers, player reviews and more.

Warhammer is PvP first and foremost - Mythic

Monsters and PvE designed around PvP.

Vanguard introduces racial mounts

Update brings unique mounts and faction rewards.

PS3 launch was "fairly catastrophic" - Stringer

But the console has 'bounced back'.

Another Baja game announced

This time it's Activision in the driving seat.

Two more MGS4 characters confirmed

Potential spoilers inside.

Trials 2 now on Steam

Brimming with m0t0rb1k3s, folks.

Gears of War 2 multiplayer detailed

Ten players, new weapons, new features.

No upfront install for Fallout 3

Bethesda using PS3 HDD more intelligently.

Saints Row 2 delayed to October

Needs more polish before hitting the streets.

Guitar Hero World Tour on stage at D6

Looks as much like Rock Band as you'd expect.

2K Games confirms Bioshock PS3

About a week after everyone else.

Gears of War special edition details

Includes map packs and GoW2 trailers.

Pay for AoC without a card

King Conan now accepting PayByCash .

Nexon announces Combat Arms beta

Closed beta runs for a week from May 30th.

Alone in the Dark

I think we're alone now.

Japanese dates confirmed for Wii, DS titles

Including Wario and Project Zero IV.

Death's daughter to star in Venetica

RPG comes to PC and 360 next year.

Postal opens on 13 screens in the US

Boll is quiet (for once) on opening gross.

Raze the Shire in LOTR Conquest

Step into Sauron's boots in the Evil campaign

More Army of Two DLC on the way

EA has 'plan' for the coming months.

Europeans play games a lot, says study

Majority play "for fun", the layabouts.

"Rock Band saved our marriage"

Heart-warming tale from a gaming widow.

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