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This was always going to be a tough sell. Metal Gear Survive is Konami's first big console game outside of PES since its infamous split with Hideo Kojima, and as if that wasn't enough to raise eyebrows, it has the temerity to carry on the lineage of Kojima's most famous creation, too. Survive? Given the spittle-flecked rage the mere mention of Konami is often accompanied by these days, you'd be surprised if any new Metal Gear game post-Kojima could.

Pity poor Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force, who've found themselves in quite the bind. The musou games, so it goes, are ones that refuse to change - an immobile force that, instead of evolving, simply undergo a costume change whenever the mood takes them. One day they'll show up for work in a hulking mech suit for the enjoyable Gundam spin-offs; the next, they might don Link's green hat in the well-received Hyrule Warriors. It's a formula that's constantly adapted, and seemingly never-changing - underneath those cosmetics, the well-oiled musou machine grinds away relentlessly.

You wouldn't cheese an Odogaron - even a tempered, high rank bastard that had carted you and your team over and over until you'd all convinced yourself this demon doggy was not going to be put down - because, well, you just wouldn't. It's a question of respect, isn't it? And Monster Hunter: World's many beasts, from the humble Kula-Ya-Ku to some of the mightier elder dragons, certainly command your veneration.

This, with any luck, will be the year of Dragon Quest in the west. Details on Dragon Quest 11's localisation are still nowhere to be seen - it's due at some point in 2018, the last we heard - and when that occasion finally comes it'll mark the series' first all-new mainline release over here since 2009's exceptional Dragon Quest 9. Before all that, though, there's the chance to get reacquainted with Dragon Quest Builders, one of the series' many spin-offs, when it comes to the Switch later this week, and having spent a couple of dozen hours in this new version's company the past few weeks I strongly recommend that you do.

First things first: this really isn't the Dissidia you might know from the series' PSP days. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which sees Square Enix and Team Ninja teaming up for the return of the all-stars arena fighting series, boasts little of the verticality of the originals, and the RPG elements are toned down until they're almost non-existent. It's a three-on-three fighter now, rather than offering up the one-on-ones of the originals, and the results are fairly messy too. The story mode - and, indeed, much of the single-player content - has been pared back until it's pretty much inconsequential. If you're coming to this expecting a continuation of a series we last saw back in 2011, it's sure to be something of a disappointment.

Arms - 2017's best game, Nintendo's best game, quite possibly the peak of human culture and at the very least an achievement on par with the moon landings - has just got a surprise new update that adds new features and an all-new mode.

Nintendo is taking its sweet, sweet time in getting the Virtual Console up and running on the Switch, so thank heavens for the enterprising few who are happy to fill that space. Hamster Corps has provided some of the more essential purchases on the eShop since day one on the Switch, doing sterling work bringing Neo Geo games to the console (and if you haven't got The Last Blade 2, Garou or Shock Troopers on your system already what on earth are you doing), and doing even more precious work in bringing Nintendo's arcade outings home, in many instances for the first time.

EssentialMonster Hunter World review

Dragon's breath of the wild.

There are plenty of mightier, meatier monsters to be found out there in the wilds of Monster Hunter World's Astera. Like Tobi-Kadachi, the mutant squirrel bastard who'll stun you with the spark in his tail as he leaps from one tree to another, or the fire-breathing Anjanath who'll happily one-shot fledgling hunters. Later, there are the grand towering Elder Dragons that'll knock you this way and that as you whittle away at their generous pools of health on hunts that sap up the best part of an hour, all before you pick yourself up from the forest floor, dust yourself off and, like a kid stepping off a rollercoaster, say to yourself let's do that again.

PlayStation VR is getting a fascinating 2D action game

Pop-Up Pilgrims coming next month from Dakko Dakko.

Pop-Up Pilgrims is a PlayStation VR exclusive from Dakko Dakko, the studio that previously made such offbeat gems as Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails, The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character and Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims (if experience has taught this studio anything, Pop-Up Pilgrims suggests it's how to craft a snappier name for its efforts).

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition announced, PC version dated

First person mode, new dungeons and vehicles and more coming to Xbox One and PS4.

Final Fantasy 15 is getting an all-new Royal Edition which bundles together all of the pre-existing DLC as well as introducing a bevvy of new features - and it releases on PC at the same time as on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, marking the debut of Final Fantasy 15's Windows edition.

Nintendo on giving Splatoon 2 another fresh lick of paint

Hisashi Nogami on updates, the plaza and what exactly those jellyfish are doing.

It's been five months since Splatoon 2 launched on the Switch but, as is increasingly the case in Nintendo's approach to its online-focussed games, work hasn't slowed in the slightest. Last week saw the launch of Clam Blitz, an all-new and extremely frenetic ranked mode which brings a football flavour to the colourful chaos of Splatoon. It's extremely strategic, and quite brilliant. We got offered the chance to fire some questions to Hisashi Nogami, Splatoon's producer, to talk about updates, music and much more.

Untold Saga: The story of one of the first Final Fantasy's unsung creators

'The more players say let's make it a little easier the more I want to make it a difficult game!'

The story of how Final Fantasy came to be is as famous as any of the tales spun by the series itself. Of how one Hironobu Sakaguchi, working at a Square that was down on its luck, gave his fledgling RPG a little flourish in its title, and how it created an irony that stalks the series to this day. Sakaguchi thought it'd be his last game, while others in the company thought it'd be Square's swansong too, so close to bankruptcy was the entire operation.

Gang Beasts review

Wobble in paradise.

There's a folder on my PlayStation 4 that's reserved for the really good stuff. It's where Towerfall Ascension sits alongside Nidhogg and the brilliant compilation that is Sportsfriends. It's where I head when friends are around, when I want a guaranteed good time, and ever since creating it there's been a little slot reserved for Gang Beasts, that party game par excellence. I've been waiting on it a fairly long time.

Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017 voting

Have your say on the year's greatest games.

Hi, hello, how do you do. That was quite the 12 months, wasn't it? I can't remember another year that was so stacked with incredible video games, and I'm kind of savouring the idea of a short time off work to catch up with everything. In the meantime, would you mind writing some of the site for us? It's easy - all you need to do is vote for your best games of the year and let us know your thoughts, and we'll compile them all so we have something to put up on this website of ours while we're all off getting fat. Also your opinions tend to be better than ours, so it's a nice opportunity to right a few wrongs as the year draws to a close.

The Game Awards 2017 live report

Bayonetta 3! Zelda DLC! Arms takes GOTY! All that and stuff that actually happened, as it happened.

Bayonetta 3! Zelda DLC! Arms takes GOTY! All that and stuff that actually happened, as it happened.

Are you a scrub or are you a saint? That is, in essence, the question being posed by Arms' next Party Crash, it's time-limited event that sees players fight for two characters as they partake in a quick succession of themed fights over a couple of days.

Arms just got another new playable character

Put a Springtron in your step.

Arms - the best game of 2017, quite possibly of all time, a point which isn't really even up for debate so don't even try - just got another update which introduces a new playable character.