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Martin Robinson

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Martin is Eurogamer's features and reviews editor. He has a Gradius 2 arcade board and likes to play racing games with special boots and gloves on.

Feature'We just created the game that we wanted to play as Japanese developers'

The Octopath less travelled - inside the making of the Switch's big summer game.

FeatureWhat happens when Superhot meets XCOM?

Meet Iron Danger, a new take on a Finnish legend.

Feature'Going up against Fortnite and PUBG is just incredibly hard'

The difficulties of launching a multiplayer game in an age of two behemoths.

FeatureThe remaking of an 8-bit classic

Inside the wonder of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

FeatureTales from inside 90s Nintendo - from the man who made Mario's face

“I was in school trying to figure out whether to do A-levels or not, and I decided not to.”

FeaturePlatinum never loses its lustre

A postcard from inside one of the world's greatest developers.

FeaturePlayStation VR is beginning to feel a bit like the Vita

(And that's a very good thing, by the way.)

FeatureNintendo Switch, one year on

The hardcore's been won over, but can they be kept happy over the next 12 months?

FeatureHow Human: Fall Flat rose up to become a smash hit

'I decided if it was down to these ethics I should be selling drugs instead of making free-to-play games.'

FeaturePlayStation VR is getting a fascinating 2D action game

Pop-Up Pilgrims coming next month from Dakko Dakko.

FeatureNintendo on giving Splatoon 2 another fresh lick of paint

Hisashi Nogami on updates, the plaza and what exactly those jellyfish are doing.

FeatureUntold Saga: The story of one of the first Final Fantasy's unsung creators

'The more players say let's make it a little easier the more I want to make it a difficult game!'

FeatureHow Final Fantasy's biggest failure changed the series for the better

Naoki Yoshida on the past, present and future of Final Fantasy 14.

FeatureThe Switch's special year is set to end as it began, with another 100 hour classic

Hands-on with the first two dozen hours of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

FeatureHow the devs behind Driveclub plan to bring the arcade racer back to life

Inside Onrush, Codemasters' take on Burnout and SSX.

FeatureDavid Cage on Detroit and its depiction of domestic violence

"Would you ask this question to a film director, or to a writer? Would you?"

FeatureMeet the new boss rush

How Inti Creates remains at the top of its game after 21 years - and what exactly went wrong with Mighty No. 9.

FeatureSonic Mania and its impact on the future of the Sonic series

And a little something about Samba de Amigo on Switch.

FeatureKazunori's War: the world of Gran Turismo's creator

From the archive: From street racing to the Nürburgring, how Polyphony's Kazunori Yamauchi came to define driving.

FeatureThe past, present and future of Final Fantasy 15

Hajime Tabata poured his life into getting the JRPG out last year - but he's not done just yet.

FeatureGran Turismo Sport's full car list revealed

And there are some fairly big absentees.

FeatureIt sure is grand to have Virtual On back

Even if it's a slightly eccentric return.

FeatureGran Turismo Sport acquits itself well in VR

Hands-on with the latest build of Polyphony's PlayStation racer.

FeatureThe Metal Gear Solid movie's director plans to stay faithful to Kojima's vision

Jordan Vogt-Roberts on his aims for the film - and a look at his new Destiny commercial.

FeatureThe big Cliff Bleszinski interview

'I've had a very polarising personality in the 25 years I've been doing this.'

FeatureEcho is a mind-boggling sci-fi game which pits you against yourself

Ex-IO devs behind brilliantly stylish game due out this September.

FeatureArms at length: The big Nintendo interview

Kosuke Yabuki on the future of Mario Kart, luck versus skill and Birdo. Wait, who's Birdo?

FeatureSega defends Sega Forever launch after fan outcry

'Within mobile there's a lot of fragmentation.'

FeatureDisgaea 5 is a video game drunk on itself

And the Switch version is the perfect place to have a tipple.

FeatureA Switch is for life, not just for Zelda

A rundown of the best games for Nintendo's new console that aren't Breath of the Wild.

FeatureMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War goes wild with the brilliant Nemesis system

Plus see 16 minutes of gameplay for Monolith Productions' sequel.

FeatureNier: Automata was almost a Farmville-style mobile game

How Square Enix committed to its most eccentric game in years.

FeatureNintendo's latest mobile gamble doesn't quite pay off

Fire Emblem Heroes has quality and style, but it's lacking spark.