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Martin is Eurogamer's editor-in-chief. He has a Gradius 2 arcade board and likes to play racing games with special boots and gloves on.

Feature | Rez made me

Happy birthday, and thanks for 20 years of sweet memories.

Feature | Dying Light 2 brings Techland's open world formula alive

Breathing fresh life into the undead - hands-on with the long-awaited sequel.

Feature | Battlefield's ongoing identity crisis could be what saves it this year

Or how Portal looks to be the best part of 2042's package.

Feature | The big Gran Turismo 7 interview

How Kazunori Yamauchi wants to preserve 150 years of car culture in a single game.

Feature | Making the jump from 2D to 3D

How Fabraz is making the leap from Slime-san to Demon Turf.

Feature | Deathloop is not at all what I expected

Or how Arkane's gone loud with its most bombastic outing yet.

Feature | In OlliOlli World, you're given the tools to be yourself

“We thought it would be cool if you can make you, whoever you are.”

Feature | Monster Hunter finally broke the west, but it wants to go broader still

Capcom talks us through its plan for Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Feature | The cover artists

How one dev is reverse engineering the greats to help with its own games.

Feature | The best 13 PS5 games you can play right now

From next-gen exclusives to upgrades and cross-gen games.

Feature | OlliOlli World brings the superlative skate series into vivid 3D

How Roll7 is bringing a modern great into a whole new world of colour.

Feature | The classics that go forever when Sony switches off its PS3, PSP and Vita stores

A selection of the best games that are soon to disappear for good.

Feature | How the grand dame of shooting games is making its return

'I don't want to leave anything on the cutting room floor.'

Feature | The 20 best games for Xbox One you can play right now

From the best exclusives to third-party games.

Feature | The best 20 PS4 games you can play right now

From the best exclusives to third-party games.

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