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Martin Robinson

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Martin is Eurogamer's features and reviews editor. He has a Gradius 2 arcade board and likes to play racing games with special boots and gloves on.

FeatureFIFA 13 Preview: A Final Flourish?

EA Sports offers a conservative update with its latest FIFA.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Service Games

Microsoft's $99 Xbox points towards the future of games as a service - but can we trust the platform holders to provide a service that's worthwhile?

FeatureSniper Ghost Warrior 2 Preview: Dumb, Loud and Proud

City Interactive's follow-up shoots for triple-A status, but instead it looks like the perfect B-game.

FeatureGame of Thrones Preview: A Mummer's Farce?

Cyanide's action RPG takes a roll of the dice.

FeatureDoctor Who: The Eternity Clock Preview: Setting Back the Clock

A new arm of the BBC is getting serious about games, as this new adventure attests.

FeatureF1 2012 Preview: Staying on Track

Codemasters' third outing sees F1 settling into its yearly groove.

Codies looking to introduce classic F1 cars

"It won't be in 2012, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns up not long after."

FeatureVelocity Preview: Mini Marvel

You shall know our velocity.

Nexuiz PC beta goes live

DX11 and dedicated server come to arena shooter.

FeatureResident Evil 6 Preview: True Horror Returns

Capcom expands the world of survival horror.

FeatureLost Planet 3 Preview: Surviving the Pressure

Can the Legendary developer do Capcom's series justice?

Resident Evil 6 release date brought forward

Capcom reveals new October date and demo details.

Capcom defends dev choice for Lost Planet 3

"It's important to look at a track record, but that can't tell you the whole story."

VideoEG Rides Trials Evolution

EG's Trials expert takes to the track.

FeatureInside The Creative Assembly

As the studio celebrates 25 years in business and another BAFTA, it speaks about its successes and its future.

Feature"Current generation can't cope" with Total War says CA

Strategy series ruled out for current gen - but CA looks optimistic for the future.

FeatureAssassin's Creed 3 Preview: Everything is Permitted

Ubisoft's radical reworking brings a revolution to the series.

App of the Day: Rayforce

It's a shame about Ray.

Grasshopper considering Shadows of the Damned sequel

EA would "probably" be behind it.

FeatureFable: The Journey Preview: Molyneux's Final Folly

The Lionhead king is dead, long live the king.

Codemasters unveils F1 2012

First details on this year's model.

VideoLego Batman 2: DC Superheroes trailer

Clark and co. star in Traveller's Tales' latest.

App of the Day: Ziggurat

King of the hill.

FeatureIntroducing Quantic Dream's Kara

David Cage on his new project, and what it means for his new game.

Quantic Dream's next project to be unveiled tonight

See Heavy Rain developer's tech demo on Eurogamer from 10.30pm GMT.

Molyneux: "is Call of Duty all this industry really is?"

Core need Kinect more than anyone, Lionhead boss says.

FeatureHalo 4 Preview: Remaster Chief

Bungie finished the fight, but 343 is ready to start it all over again.

Halo 4 perks system introduced

"We're not chasing Call of Duty or Battlefield" insists 343 Industries.

Paid-for Forza 4 expansion introduces Porsche

German marque returns in paid-for pack.

Fable Heroes officially unveiled

Four-player XBLA game ties in with forthcoming The Journey.

Kinect-exclusive Wreckateer announced

New XBLA Kinect game coming from developer Iron Galaxy.

Forza looking to hit 'annual cadence'

Series looking to rival F1 and NASCAR in popularity.

Forza Horizon announced for 2012

Playground Games joins the Forza world for new game.

Minecraft will launch on Xbox without Kinect

Functionality will be patched in at a later date.

Forza 4 Pirelli Car Pack introduces title update

Level cap lifted, CanAm legend introduced in March pack.

App of the Day: Big Cup Cricket

Test Match special.

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast #99: FF13-2 and Amalur RPG Special

Martin and Oli give their reckonings to Tom Champion.

FeatureSpec Ops: The Line Preview: A Shock Shooter

2K channels BioShock in its thoughtful third-person action game.

FeatureLumines Vita Preview: History Repeating

Is Electronic Symphony the first true sequel to the PSP's best launch game?

FeatureDirt Showdown Preview: The Ghost of Destruction Derby

Codemasters spins off into a violent new direction.

FeatureGhost Recon Preview: Rebuilding the Future Soldier

Ubisoft's tactical shooter takes a turn for the better.

WipEout 2048 Review

Weightless wonder.

FeatureAsura's Wrath Preview: Rage Against the Machine

More Heavy Rain than Bayonetta, Capcom's playable anime defies convention.

FeatureTrends of 2012: Social Gaming

Will this be the year social gaming crosses over to the hardcore?

FeatureA Racing Milestone: Mud Preview

A change of direction for the resilient Italian studio.

F1 2011 3DS Review

F1 on the go go go.

Ex-Last Guardian producer wants to create Facebook's first masterpiece

Yoshifusa Hayama on why he left Sony behind.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare to be more action-oriented

XBLA game to be faster-paced than original.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Was 2011 a Vintage Year?

It may have lacked innovation, but the breadth of experiences made 2011 a year to savour.

PopCap and Rovio talent helping Housemarque capture casual

Stardust developer taking on iOS with Furmins.

Simbin announces GTR 3

Teaser website heralds return of acclaimed series.

The Story of Dizzy's Return

Putting the pieces back together.

FeatureAuto Club Revolution Preview

The wheels go round and round.

FeatureEurogamer's Top 10 PSP Games

The best of Sony's original handheld.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Past Remasters

Are remakes preserving the classics of yesteryear or are they obliterating them?

FeatureProject Cars Preview

We're in this one together.

FeatureGameCity Discussions: Indie Kids

thatgamecompany's Hunicke and Retro City Rampage on life as an indie.

FeatureI Am Alive Preview

Dead or alive?

Ubi Shanghai started from scratch with I Am Alive

Protracted development detailed by Ubisoft.

Rayman 3 HD Announced

Ubisoft mascot polished up for XBLA and PSN.

Dead Island dev's new game detailed

Techland's ATV racer coming to XBLA and PSN.

Royal Opera House gets into games

The Show Must Go On comes to iOS today.

FeatureGameCity Discussions: Richard Lemarchand & Eric Chahi

From Dust and Uncharted creators captured in conversation.

FeatureFeature: Generation Sonic

Sonic Team reflects on twenty years of speed.

F1 2011 patch detailed

AI and online fixes coming to Codies' racer.

Daytona USA Review

Arcade perfected.

FeatureHalo Anniversary: Returning to the Ring

Bringing a classic back to life, warts and all.

343 defends Halo's Kinect features

Anniversary features are 'additive'.

FeatureGT5 2.0: Why You Need To Go Back

12 months on, what's changed in Polyphony's racer?

Why Uncharted 3 won't get single-player DLC

Naughty Dog would rather work on next game.

FeatureFusion: Genesis

Genre blender.

FeatureAssassin's Creed: Revelations

Turkish delight on a moonlit night.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC cars listed

Racing pedigree cars join the fray.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC detailed

Polyphony's spoiler pack introduces Spa.

Forza Motorsport 4

One from the heart.

First details on 2012's Assassin's Creed

Desmond's story to conclude next year.

FeatureProject Draco

Dragoon on.

New Vita AR details

Captures your WAAR face.

Valve announces new CS: GO modes

New spins on Gun Game.

Minecraft 1.9 introduces Snow Golems

Friendly mobs help against Endermen.

Space Channel 5 Pt 2 Dated for XBLA

Bass Fishing coming to download too.