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Feature | Aztez is a beat 'em-up with a twist

Black and white and red all over.

Feature | Samurai Gunn is another PS4 indie to get excited about

Kurosawa and pixel-art meet in a duel to the death.

Feature | What happens when Spark, Team Ninja and Keiji Inafune collide?

Yaiba's development trio boast a shaky track record, but they're combining to make an outlandish, over-the-top slasher.

Feature | Sex, death and bright colours: Exploring the strange world of Suda 51's Killer is Dead

"Maybe sexuality in games shouldn't be as big a taboo, but at the same time I live in a country where sexuality is pretty crazy."

Feature | From the writer behind FTL comes The Swapper, a philosophical platformer

Channelling the spirit of '70s sci-fi, Facepalm Games explore the ethics of cloning.

Feature | Super Time Force is super hard, super interesting and more than a little like Super Contra

Capy's hardcore run-and-gunner takes time travel to absurd new extremes.

Feature | Gears of War: Judgment Preview: Shifting up the Gears

Judgment's free-for-all reflects the title's broader freeform intensity.