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FeatureWhy I Hate... Final Fantasy

Role-playing gahhhhhhhh.

Hate is a powerful word. How often does it really apply? I'm not a fan of novelty crisp flavours or the Black-Eyed Peas, but do I truly hate them? Probably not.

FeatureFingers on the pulse

Which games get your heart racing the most?

Like many people, I've been been playing a lot of Black Ops lately. A little too much, perhaps. When you smear yourself in camo paint and start looking for decent camping spots on your way to the bus stop, you know you're overdoing it.

FeatureFootball Manager All-Star XI

Who's in your fantasy team?

Football Manager 2011 hit the shelves last week, prompting a period of self-imposed solitude for the series' army of fans - the ones who willingly immerse themselves in an alternate reality of formation-tinkering, transfer negotiations and player discipline for days on end.