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Fred Dutton was Eurogamer's US news editor, based in Washington DC.

Death Rally announced for PC

Alan Wake dev's OTT racer goes full circle.

Yu Suzuki announces smartphone game Gan! Gan! Pirates

Social shooter next from Sega legend.

Battlefield 3 Premium racks up 800,000 subscribers

EA "very pleased" with first fortnight's sales.

Activision closes down Prototype studio

Radical's franchise "did not find a broad commercial audience".

Act 1 restriction on new Diablo 3 players lifted

Blizzard fixes 72-hour level cap bug.

The Expendables 2 game tie-in announced

Ubisoft brings tinnitus-inducing action flick to PC, PSN, XBLA.

Carmen Sandiego movie in the works

Jennifer Lopez eyeing starring role.

Valve introduces us to Team Fortress 2's Pyro

A glimpse beneath the gas mask?

Valve to release Source Filmmaker

Free download lets you make your own Team Fortress 2 animations.

Firefall PC system requirements announced

500,000 register for Red 5's ambitious free-to-play shooter.

Half Life 2: Episode 3 concept art leaked - report

Redesigned Alyx, cold weather Gordon glimpsed in early visuals.

ShootMania Storm closed beta starts next month

Register now for an early look at Ubi's team shooter.

Zynga sows Farmville sequel

Follow-up to Facebook behemoth takes root.

Vita YouTube app launches in US today

European roll-out tomorrow?

Only 20% of players will finish Hitman: Absolution, reckons IO

"It makes the people working on it really really sad."

RuneScape Evolution of Combat expansion enters beta

"The biggest changes we've ever made," promises Jagex.

Max Payne 3 patch now ready for download

Multiplayer re-tuned, glitches fixed.

New Gran Turismo 5 DLC this week

Japan's Motegi circuit available from tomorrow.

Wreck-It Ralph tie-in coming to 3DS, DS, Wii

Activision snags rights to forthcoming Disney gaming toon.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC release date announced

Plus, new BioWare Q&A offers behind-the-scenes detail.

Impressive new Watch Dogs visual released

Can Ubisoft really squeeze this onto current-gen consoles?

EA hopes to keep political ideology out of SimCity

It won't be "an exercise in propaganda", insists developer.

New Fez patch is "kinda broken", warns Polytron

Players report corrupted save files.

Blizzard clarifies restrictions on new Diablo 3 players

Lv. 13/Act 1 cap an "unintended consequence" of new security measures.

PlayStation Network down, Sony investigating

UPDATE: All PSN services have been restored.

Guild Wars 2 stress test scheduled for next week

All beta subscribers can join in.

Quantum Conundrum gets PSN, XBLA release date

Plus, DLC season pass announced for Portal creator's new puzzler.

Sine Mora coming to PlayStation Network

Furious Grasshopper shoot 'em up throws off XBLA confines.

Diablo 3 patch limits new players from accessing entire game for up to 72 hours

"A necessary step to combat fraud and other malicious activities."

Future Legend of Grimrock plans laid bare

Almost Human talks level editor, mystery project.

Crytek: Free-to-play Timesplitters 4 a possibility

Yerli: "If we get enough fans being loud enough..."

Valve offers teachers free Portal 2 for classroom use

And explains what kids can learn from it.

EA predicts a free-to-play-only future

Peter Moore: "Hardcore gamers won't like to hear this."

Lingerie Football League game tie-in threatened

Fanbases for ladies' underwear and gaming are convergent, it seems.

Japan chart: Persona 4 revives Vita sales

Plus, top 3 debut for Lollipop Chainsaw.

Sony: why we're launching new IP this late in the console cycle

"It is part of the role of a platform holder," insists Andrew House.

Microsoft comments on "leaked" Xbox 720 strategy document

"We are continually thinking about the future of the platform."

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes demo out now on Xbox Live

Batman won't kill, but Lego Batman will decapitate.

First Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified details

All-new Spec Ops campaign promised for Vita shooter.

Starbreeze: Syndicate was "a lost battle from the get-go"

But Swedish studio still proud of under-performing reboot.

Xbox 360 Achievements to earn players Microsoft Points - report

New Xbox Live Rewards initiative this Autumn.

Xbox Live Summer of Arcade release dates and prices

Tony Hawk gets things started on 18th July.

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