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Fred Dutton

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Fred Dutton is Eurogamer's US news editor, based in Washington DC.

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Death Rally announced for PC

Alan Wake dev's OTT racer goes full circle.

Battlefield 3 Premium racks up 800,000 subscribers

EA "very pleased" with first fortnight's sales.

The Expendables 2 game tie-in announced

Ubisoft brings tinnitus-inducing action flick to PC, PSN, XBLA.

A video game version of daft, deafening action movie sequel The Expendables 2 is on its way to PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

FeatureError 37: The future of always-online

Eurogamer asks the games industry whether it plans to follow Diablo 3's lead.

It's fair to say that Diablo 3's launch did not go to plan. Had it gone smoothly, Blizzard's always-online Trojan Horse would surely have snuck quietly by, with few gamers batting an eyelid. As it stands, its horribly botched release has invited a furious consumer backlash, igniting serious debate on the ethics of demanding players maintain a permanent internet connection, even if they're attempting to enjoy a seemingly solo, offline gameplay experience.

Valve to release Source Filmmaker

Free download lets you make your own Team Fortress 2 animations.

Source Filmmaker, a free program that lets players make their own animated Team Fortress 2 clips, launches later this year, Valve has announced.

Zynga sows Farmville sequel

Follow-up to Facebook behemoth takes root.

A sequel to monstrously successful Facebook game Farmville is on its way, developer Zynga has announced.

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