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Jeffrey Matulef is the best-dressed man in 1984.

Steam counters "review bombing" by adding time graphs to game scores

"See how a game's reviews have evolved over time."

Surreal puzzler Back to Bed is free through Thursday on Steam

Dev's next game, the musical adventure Figment, launches on Friday.

Overwatch's new escort map Junkertown is now live on all platforms

Along with all the changes to Mercy and D.Va.

Forza Motorsport 7 demo is now live on Xbox One and PC

Includes three "unique racing experiences".

The Evil Dead gets a new video game spin-off, but…

It's as an update to Phantom Halls.

Layers of Fear is coming to Switch

The Joy-Con of painting.

Spintires: MudRunner launches this Halloween on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Remaster is half-off for those with the original game.

The Chinese Room has a new game out this week

It's called So Let Us Melt, and it's for Google's VR headset.

Call of Duty: WW2 is getting an open beta on PC this month

Tentative system requirements revealed.

Doom on Switch won't have SnapMap level editor

Multiplayer to be downloaded separately due to cartridge size limitations.

Mysterious monarch sim Kingdom is now available on Switch

Wanted: one kingdom. Selling: one horse.

Saints Row: The Third is now backwards compatible on Xbox One

Along with Slender: The Arrival, Super Contra, Undertow and more.

Switch to revive Nintendo arcade classics, starting with the original Mario Bros.

Vs. Balloon Fight, Vs. Ice Climber, and Punch-Out!! to follow.

Skyrim's Switch release date slated for November

For the adventurer who has not yet taken an arrow to the knee.

Axiom Verge to launch early on Switch eShop following retail release delay

"The people have spoken!" dev says after polling fans what to do.

Rocket League's Autumn Update adds seasonal arena, new items, and a better spectator mode

PC players to receive LAN support and a Tournaments mode beta.

Thimbleweed Park sets release dates on Switch, iOS and Android

Add this pocket-sized adventure to your inventory.

Apple reveals iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X

UPDATE: UK pricing revealed. iPhone X's 256GB version costs 1149.

ThatGameCompany reveals "social adventure game" Sky for iOS

A "constantly evolving space" that will premiere this winter.

Okami HD is coming to the west in December

Here's how it looks in action.

Gunpoint dev's stealthy space sandbox Heat Signature launches this month

Play during the first week to unlock the "Everything Gun."

Nintendo "strongly urges" you don't overpay for SNES mini on eBay

Reggie Fils-Aime insists supply will meet demand this time.

Destiny 2 director defends its shaders as one-time use items

"Shaders are now an ongoing reward for playing. Customisation will inspire gameplay."

Swery reveals gameplay of his cat-based murder mystery The Good Life

The cat's out of the bag as Fig crowdfunding campaign launches.

Nintendo reveals several Switch indie games and release dates

SteamWorld Dig 2! Kentucky Route Zero! Morphies Law!

Super Meat Boy sequel announced for consoles, PC and mobile

Levels get harder each time you replay them.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes revealed for Switch

Suda 51's first time in the director's chair since the original No More Heroes.

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