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Jeffrey Matulef is the best-dressed man in 1984.

FeatureWhat Remains of Edith Finch merges whimsy and woe

The Unfinished Swan dev's follow-up promises plenty of peculiar tales.

FeatureCould Suda 51's Let it Die set a new standard for F2P action games on console?

Grasshopper's latest shifts monetisation models without missing a beat.

FeatureNecropolis aims to blend Dark Souls and Spelunky

Shadowrun Returns dev's upcoming action-roguelike shows promise.

FeatureFortnite builds a hopeful future for Epic, free-to-play

"We want to provide that Epic level fidelity combat in the building game genre."

FeatureHow Dying Light is keeping the zombie genre fresh

Techland's third stab at the zombie apocalypse borrows from the best.

FeatureOri and the Blind Forest looks great, but plays even better

"I hope people don't see it as this artsy-fartsy game that tries to make you sad."

FeatureEverybody's Gone to the Rapture is Dear Esther meets The Prisoner

The Chinese Room elegantly embraces 60s British sci-fi.

FeatureHow Far Cry 4 is like a Paul Verhoeven film

"We're going for that awkward intersection of serious people doing outlandish things."

FeatureThe Dark Souls 2 DLC doesn't seem that tough

But it has dynamic environments and inventive enemies.

FeatureRainbow Six: Siege stands apart from other shooters

Tight, tactical and finely tuned - this is a promising start.

FeatureLocal multiplayer is gaming's holy grail

And, until recently, the industry had completely forgotten about it.

FeatureSaints Row 4: a fun game that makes serious points

Beneath the parody, there's a brilliant game about friendship, sex and strong women.

FeatureTelltale tells of its next tale: The Wolf Among Us preview

How The Walking Dead developer stays fresh with Fables.

FeatureMental mayhem: Stick it to The Man preview

A spiritual successor to Psychonauts?

FeatureBethesda's Pete Hines on Prey 2, the decline of triple-A games, and what's next for the publisher

"I would hope, if nothing else, that Bethesda is known for being willing to do things that other folks won't."

FeatureThe party's over: Hotline Miami 2 preview

How Dennaton Games comes down from the hallucinogenic drug-fueled rage.

Feature28 hours later: The Walking Dead: 400 Days preview

Read all about Vince's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

FeatureUndead again: Dark Souls 2 preview

Jeffrey goes hands-on with the much anticipated sequel and (sort of) lives to tell the tale.

FeatureDeep, deep down: Exploring Capybara's Xbox One-exclusive roguelike Below

Microsoft Game Studios has been "really cool" as a publisher.

FeatureMad Max preview: Bringing Just Cause's insanity to the wilds

An over-the-top open world makes this the perfect return for Avalanche.

FeatureOutlast preview: A look at ex-Ubisoft devs' first-person horror game

Red Barrells on how it will distinguish itself from Amnesia.

FeatureIntroducing the Wii U's best drinking game

Jeffrey is intoxicated by the upcoming Nordic party game Spin the Bottle... and beer.

FeatureTenya Wanya Teens: Hands on with the Katamari Damacy creator's custom controller experiment

Jeffrey discovers what Keita Takahashi's latest and R. Kelly have in common.

FeatureHearthstone - the collectible card game that could convert you

Blizzard's Warcraft-themed Magic rival is no Lost Vikings, but it might be the next best thing.

FeatureDiablo 3 on consoles: hell or high water?

Jeffrey plays the PS3 game at PAX and finds that one man's loot is another man's soot.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Lower your weapons

Combat is fine, but it's not the only way to make a hit.

FeatureBioShock Infinite preview: back on track?

Irrational breaks cover and lets us spend several hours playing with Booker and Elizabeth.

FeatureGone Home transports players back to 1995

Former Bioshock 2 developers create a unique time capsule.

FeatureMeet Soul Sacrifice, the Vita's potential Monster Hunter slayer

Inafune's co-op action game has heart as well as claws.

FeatureMan of Adventure: Ron Gilbert Profile

The adventure game guru explains the creative process behind Monkey Island, Deathspank, and why he won't make a serious game.

FeatureGears of War: Judgment writers on what makes the series special and how to improve it

"I'm not entirely sure a game has been told quite in this way before."

FeatureMark of the Ninja Preview: A new perspective on stealth/action

Klei's follow-up to Shank 2 recalls a 2D Arkham City... with more killing.

FeatureDark Preview: Vampires Done Right

Like a shadow in the night.

FeatureDead Space 3 Preview: Hell Freezes Over

Isaac's split personality bleeds through to a game of two halves.

FeatureDmC: Devil May Cry Preview: A Rebel Yell

Ninja Theory's reinvention of Dante tears things up.

FeatureStar Wars 1313 Preview: The Force Uncharted

LucasArt's mature game offers pretty graphics, but is there much more to it?

FeatureResident Evil 6 Preview: Fear of the Unknown

A thirst for action could prove more chilling than a thirst for blood.

FeatureHybrid Preview: Turning the Shooter Upside Down

You can fly, but you can't walk in 5th Cell's bizarre take on deathmatch for XBLA.

FeatureAntichamber Preview: Dear Escher

A very, very different kind of puzzler.

FeatureLego Batman 2: DC Superheroes Preview: Men of Steel

Investigating Traveller's Tales latest block party.

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Failure is Not an Option

The consequences of not having enough consequences.

FeatureLollipop Chainsaw

Pompom massacre.

FeatureBorderlands 2

Bark at the moon.

FeatureSeattle Indies Expo Round-Up

Self-supporting in Seattle.

Duke Nukem Forever

What are you waiting for, Christmas?