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Jeffrey Matulef is the best-dressed man in 1984.

Feature | Dark Souls trilogy ends on a high note in The Ringed City

If you like it then you better put a ring on it.

Feature | What Remains of Edith Finch merges whimsy and woe

The Unfinished Swan dev's follow-up promises plenty of peculiar tales.

Feature | Why you should play Nier: Automata after the first playthrough

If you thought Return of the King had a lot of endings...

Feature | Resident Evil 7's latest DLC is lightweight, but varied

Slim, overpriced, and way too interesting to ignore.

Feature | Why Let it Die's microtransactions are great for the game

Never mind the goofy grim reaper, Grasshopper makes death proper scary.

Feature | The year single-player shooters reclaimed their former glory

How Doom, Titanfall 2 and Devil Daggers transformed a dying art.

Feature | How I learned to stop worrying and love Dishonored 2

Arkane's latest requires players also act as game designers.

Feature | Doom's new Arcade Mode is Doom at its very best

How a free update transforms a brief campaign into an endlessly enjoyable hobby.

Feature | What does Suda 51 actually do, anyway?

Under the skin of the eccentric director of Killer7 and No More Heroes.

Feature | Myst connection: The rise, fall and resurrection of Cyan

How the makers of Myst came back from the dead.

Feature | No Man's Sky's most aggravating omission (on PS4)

An obtrusive UI drops the photobomb on an otherwise breathtaking game.

Feature | The man behind one of Steam's most controversial games is back

The War Z's Sergey Titov has a new game, but can he shake his troubled reputation?

Feature | What's going on at the end of Inside?

Spoilers! (Seriously, SPOILERS).

Feature | Introducing Bum Rush: an eight-player car combat dating sim racing game

Cibele dev's latest college sex game is not what you'd expect.

Feature | How will System Shock's reboot differ from the original?

We talk to Nightdive founder Stephen Kick about this cult-classic re-imagining.

Feature | Resident Evil 7's demo fails to be the next P.T.

Tired tropes and unfocused vision leave a baffling first impression.

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