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Tom is Eurogamer's news editor. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles.

I used to set my alarm on Saturday mornings so I could get up early, sit in front of the TV with my sister and watch the latest episode of Pokémon. We'd eat breakfast while glued to the adventures of Ash and his pals, and meet whichever new creature was introduced in that episode. The Pokémon TV series was amazing to me back then, because it pulled back the curtain on a world I'd stared at for so long on my black and white Game Boy screen. In the games, all the monochrome pixelated houses and Pokécentres looked alike. People talked in short, repetitive phrases. Interacting with Pokémon was limited to static sprites and menus. But on TV, the world of Pokémon was allowed to sprawl, hand drawn, into huge, lifelike cities and neverending countrysides populated with characters and plotlines developed over countless episodes. How did humans and Pokémon live together? What did battles really look like? Where did humans get all their meat from? I scoured each episode for clues.

Toys R Us falls into administration

UPDATE: All UK stores will shut, 3000 jobs lost.

UPDATE 14/3/18 12.10pm: All 105 UK Toys R Us stores will be closed, Sky News has reported, with the loss of around 3000 jobs.