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Here's our first look at Rage 2 gameplay

Post-apunkalyptic sequel arrives 2019.

Guns, mohawks and that weird little fidget spinner weapon thing - yes, this is Rage 2. Leaked last week, confirmed yesterday, Bethesda now has an official gameplay trailer for you to see.

I wish I could just tell you that Forgotton Anne is brilliant and wrap things up there. I want to leave you to go enjoy it without saying anything else, because that's the way this story should be encountered. It's a game about a lack of knowledge - yours, and Anne's - and how this can be both a curse and a blessing. It's a game about forgetting things and about loss, about remembering what you had and the cost of doing so. Best of all, it's a game which will win you over with its huge amount of heart.

Warmind, Destiny 2's second and latest expansion, offers a short but sweet helping of new story which will last you around three hours. The campaign is spaced across five missions where you fight our old friends the Hive, meet characters previously teased in obscure lore files, and which moves the overall Destiny story along... if only by an inch.

The tinny music begins, the isometric hospital outline pops up on screen. Your hospital doesn't have any rooms yet, let alone patients, but you need a reception desk. It's angular, purple. You place it by the sliding glass front doors of the hospital lobby, ready for the first people to file in. Now you'll need a receptionist, maybe a potted plant or two. Benches, of course - I like constructing two neat rows, back to back. And so it's on to hiring doctors, building a GP's Office and a Pharmacy, hiring a nurse to staff that. A handyman to water those plants. A vending machine. So begins every game of Theme Hospital - and so begins Two Point Hospital, as well.