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PUBG halts personal item trades

To stop sales through third-party sites.

The ability to trade in-game items between players has been switched off in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for the foreseeable future - to stop the sale of these items using third-party sites.

Sea of Thieves just added loads more loot

UPDATE: New dev video says private crews due next week, and more.

UPDATE 8.30pm: Following on from today's sizeable Sea of Thieves cosmetics update, Rare has released a brand-new developer video, further detailing its content creation plans for the weeks and months ahead.

Yoku's Island Express already has a bunch of genres attached to it - it's been called a pinball game, a platformer, an adventure. After an hour with the game's final version, I'd like to helpfully add a few more - it's a bit of a Metroidvania, a bit of a puzzler. It's consistently charming and often wonderfully surprising. I can't really think of a lot else like it.

Nintendo's next smartphone game is a big surprise

UPDATE: And now there's a trailer.

Update, 4.30pm: Following on from Nintendo's reveal of Dragalia Lost earlier today, a new trailer has emerged, offering a brisk look at the smartphone fantasy RPG, co-developed by Cygames, in action.

Nintendo has sold an eye-opening 10.41m copies of Super Mario Odyssey since the game's launch last October. Odyssey is now Nintendo Switch's best-selling game - well over half the console's entire userbase now owns a copy.

Nintendo has a new president

Shibata gone as head of Europe, too.

There's a changing of the guard at Nintendo, with company president Tatsumi Kimishima retiring after two-and-half years in the job.

Star Wars Battlefront 2's new cosmetic microtransactions go live

We could almost buy our own ship for that!

In-game microtransactions have returned to Star Wars Battlefront 2 - although this time they're limited to cosmetic unlocks. As detailed last week, the in-game purchases come as part of the game's new Night on Endor update, which lets you play as (and kill off) Ewoks.