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Tom is Eurogamer's news editor. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles.

VideoAlien Breed 2: Assault launch trailer

Worms dev's arcade-shooter detailed.

Team 17 date Alien Breed 2: Assault

PC and 360 versions for 22nd Sept.

VideoRacquet Sports gameplay

Squash! Volleyball! Ping pong!

VideoNBA Jam attract footage

Jammin' with you.

VideoKnights Contract trailer

Crusading onto PS3 and 360.

Sonic Colours DS

TGS screens from the DS version.

Sonic Colours

Wii version screens from TGS.

Kingdom Under Fire II

Ogle some ogres.

DC Universe Online

Screens from TGS 2010.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

TGS 2010 screens.

Mega Man Universe

Mega Man returns to PSN and XBLA.

Sonic Free Riders

Sonic racing comes to Kinect.

VideoWarhammer 40.000: Space Marine trailer

New footage trolling the internet.

VideoDisaster Report 4 trailer

The news ain't good.

VideoEnslaved developer diary #3

How the team visualised terrain.

VideoNi no Kuni: The Another World trailer

Designed by Studio Ghibli for PS3.

VideoJames Bond: Blood Stone developer diary

Behind the scenes with the 007 crew.

VideoNBA Jam developer diary

EA Sports talks authenticity, dawg.

VideoTokyo Jungle trailer

A concrete place dreams are made of.

VideoThe Sly Collection trailer

Racooning up the points.

VideoHalo: Reach firefight - 15 mins

Another mode detailed.

VideoHydrophobia TGS trailer

Twenty ways to kill a Malthusian.

VideoAce Combat: Assault Horizon trailer

Latest footage from Tokyo.

VideoPhantasy Star Online 2 trailer

New footage from TGS.

VideoPlayStation Move TGS compilation

Lots of Move Rush, plus Resi, LBP2 and more.

VideoMarvel vs Capcom 3 TGS trailer

New characters revealed.

VideoUnboxing Fable III Collector's Edition

Extra content, packaging, playing cards, etc.

VideoPlatformance: Castle Pain - first 15 mins

Pain being the operative word.

Project Draco reveal art

A solitary piece of art for the XBLA title.

Haunt XBLA reveal screens

A trio of spooky screens to tease the game.

Radiant Silvergun

XBLA screens from TGS.

VideoEpic Mickey just two months away

And a new trailer to celebrate.

VideoRadiant Silvergun reveal trailer

New XBLA exclusive unveiled at TGS.

Going undercover with codename D

Suda51's other work in progress revealed.

VideoICO and Shadow of the Colossus footage

Reveal trailer for the PS3 collection.

VideoCastlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer

Latest footage of the franchise reboot.

VideoMonster Hunter Portable 3rd revealed

Comes with fancy new PSP to boot.

VideoYakuza: Of The End trailer

Now with added zombies.

VideoResident Evil 5 trailer for Move

Chris and Jill return to the mansion...

Child of Eden screens

Enter the matrix.

VideoVanquish TGS footage

New video from Sega's shooter.

Monster Hunter PSP re-design

A new look for Sony's beast.

First Steel Battalion Kinect screens

Get using your armies.

Latest Fable III screens from TGS

Magic! Miniguns! Moustaches!

Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2

Downloadable sequel for PSN and XBLA in 2011.

Okamiden screens from TGS

A doggie-bag of pint-sized screens.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus screens

Huge gallery for the upcoming Collection.

VideoAlice Madness Returns trailer

American McGee back down the rabbit-hole.

VideoPES 2011 demo - 360 vs PS3

See how the two match up.

VideoQuantum Theory demo gameplay

Super fast footage for the PS3.

VideoSonic Adventure trailer for PSN, XBLA

Dreamcast collection on its way.

VideoAtari invites you to The UnderGarden

Downloadable zen for PC, PS3 and 360.

VideoThe Last Guardian reveal trailer

We fetch dog-eagle footage for you.

VideoEnslaved - first 15 minutes

We capture Trip and Monkey.

Screenshot blowout for Last Guardian

All the new images scooped.

Ninja Gaiden 3

First artwork.

VideoDevil May Cry reveal trailer

Capcom ups the Dante.

VideoAsura's Wrath unleashes godly rage

When giant Buddhas attack.

VideoDead Rising 2: Case West teaser

Break out the Zombrex, Frank West is back.

DR2: Case West reveal shots

A glimpse of the zombified future.

VideoExclusive NFS: Hot Pursuit footage

Criterion show off Arms Race mode.

VideoShadows of the Damned reveal trailer

Suda51 shows off new carnival gameplay.

DS: Extraction shows Move controls

Screenshot explosion erupts from TGS.

First My Garden screens for 3DS

Rooted out for you.

VideoGal Gun reveal trailer

Sheep! Tentacles! Up-skirts!

VideoLost in Shadow dev diary

Hudson on the birth of the game.

VideoFIFA 11's Creation Centre detailed

Create a team or player. Go Pigeons Utd!

VideoA second Enslaved developer diary

Monkey and Trip's symbiotic relationship.

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood gameplay

Single-player monk-squashing.

VideoHalo: Reach slayer multiplayer - 15 mins

We take Bungie's latest online.

Auto Club Revolution

Vroom vroom.

VideoFIFA 11 penalty basics

Going for goal.

VideoLotR: Aragorn's Quest launch trailer

One does not simply launch into Mordor.