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Editor in Chief, Metabomb

John is Metabomb's Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site.

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Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Guide

The best decks for the new Hearthstone meta and other gameplay guides too!

Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Guide

The best decks for the new Hearthstone meta and other gameplay guides too!

Letter from the meta: This week's top Hearthstone decks

Along with all the latest news from Metabomb.

Letter from the meta: This week's top Hearthstone decks

And all the latest news from Metabomb.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Key Items locations: How to unlock all costumes and suits

How to trigger every Key Item in Phantom Pain, so you can unlock new developments and upgrades, and gain some new cosmetic items too.

If you reach certain milestones in the game, or finish off particularly tricky missions, you'll receive a special Key Item as a reward. These allow you to develop new items of equipment and cosmetic items - here's how to unlock every one of them.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Achievement list and Trophy list

Every Achievement and Trophy in the game.

As well as a massive world full of missions and Side Ops, there are of course plenty of Trophies or Achievements - depending on your platform of choice - to be unlocked in Phantom Pain, and it's going to take you quite some time to tick off the more valuable ones. The game is huge after all, and the developers aren't exactly shy about sending you into every last nook and cranny to sample what's on offer.

Hearthstone: Best Frozen Throne decks and Mission guide

The latest meta deck guides and tips for beating each Mission.

Knights of the Frozen Throne is Hearthstone's sixth expansion, and will be released in the US a little later on today, with the UK and European regions getting a taste of the new card set early tomorrow morning. Expect lots of Deathrattle and Freeze cards, and more than a little of the flavour enjoyed in the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure from all the way back in the summer of 2014.

Metabomb is hiring a Staff Writer!

The world could always use more heroes.

Metabomb - Gamer Network's competitive gaming site and sister-site of Eurogamer - is hiring a full-time Staff Writer to join the editorial team.

The Last of Us walkthrough and guide (PS4, PS3)

Our comprehensive walkthrough for the main game and DLC content, along with the locations of every single hidden collectable item.

For those who missed out on The Last of Us - whether it was on its initial release on PS3 or remaster on PS4 a year later - the PlayStation-exclusive post-apocalyptic yarn was lauded as much for its characters and depth of writing as it was its undeniable technical achievements. Now it's available to play on PC via PlayStation Now and at 4K on PS4 Pro, it gives the game a whole new audience a way to play Naughty Dog's masterpiece.

Overwatch guide: heroes, maps, mechanics and more!

Every gameplay guide you could possibly want for Blizzard's first shooter.

Whether you're trying out the free-to-play weekend on consoles or have been playing since launch and want to finally master the game's many maps and characters, we've teamed up with all-things-Blizzard sister site Metabomb in order to bring you all of the Overwatch guides that you might need.

Prison Architect guide: How to get started on PS4, Xbox and PC

How to prepare your very first prison, start making money and more.

Editor's note: With Prison Architect releasing on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 this week, we're re-promoting our beginner's guide to the game - first published alongside the PC release last October - with amendments to reflect control schemes on consoles. If you've yet to play the game, then be sure to read our Prison Architect review.

Overwatch guide

Hero, map and gameplay guides for Blizzard's new shooter.

Hero, map and gameplay guides for Blizzard's new shooter.

Here's help with finding the perfect Overwatch group

Our sister site MetaBomb has teamed up with matchmaking tool The100.

Quite a few of us in the office have become rather smitten with Overwatch, Blizzard's first foray into the first-person shooter market that's due out in just over a week from now. There's lots of cleverly designed heroes, loads of maps, and we think there's going to be a lot of love for the game.

How the Eve universe is changing

A different mood - and a different future for CCP - were on show at this year's Fanfest.

Something unexpectedly thrilling happened on Friday, during CCP's annual Eve Fanfest event in Reykjavik. Following last year's death of an in-game leader of the Amarr Empire faction (think very angry, very ruthless space monks with a fetish for lasers), players were tasked with representing the various fictional sub-factions hoping to fill the resultant power vacuum. The outcome of a series of matches between these representatives would determine the in-game heir to an empire.

Eve Online set for big changes

CCP outlines the space map ahead.

The launch of next week's Citadel expansion took centre stage at the Eve Online keynote at this year's Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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