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John Bedford


John is Metabomb's Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site.

FeatureLetter from the meta: This week's top Hearthstone decks

Along with all the latest news from Metabomb.

FeatureLetter from the meta: This week's top Hearthstone decks

And all the latest news from Metabomb.

FeatureHow the Eve universe is changing

A different mood - and a different future for CCP - were on show at this year's Fanfest.

FeatureHow video games could save your life

Life, the universe and everything at CCP Fanfest.

FeatureTitan's soul: a day with Overwatch

Never beta 'gainst Blizzard.

FeatureHow a single tweak takes down Hearthstone's most powerful deck

Grim times ahead for Hearthstone's weary Warriors.

FeatureCan WOW's next expansion bring its legion of lost heroes home?

The sixth expansion promises fan-service, shared thrills - and personal glory.

FeatureWatch Blizzard's reveal of the next World of Warcraft expansion here

As WOW's subscriber numbers tumble, can Blizzard stop the slide?

FeatureHearthstone at Gamescom: a fireside chat with Blizzard

On adding new deck slots and in-game tournaments, helping new players, and why nine Heroes is enough.

FeatureThere's no place like Homeworld

From the archive: It's full of stars.

FeatureGames of 2014: Hearthstone

The box of delights.

FeatureBuilding Better Worlds - an MMO Tale

From the archive: If you come at the king, you best not miss.

FeatureDesperately seeking Salty: A WOW fishing tale

One man's decade-long quest to become the ultimate digital fisherman.

FeatureFive talking points from World of Warcraft's 6.0.2 patch

What to expect as the game approaches its second decade.

FeatureLooking for the wow factor in Warlords of Draenor

We talk to the expansion's lead designer about simplifying complexity.

FeatureShining a light on Bloodborne

A Souls non-believer's brief take on From Software's latest.

EGXThe Order 1886: Rummaging around in the toy box

Our look at the brief burst of fun available at EGX this year.

FeatureFive talking points from Diablo 3's 2.1 patch

Digging into the murky depths of Diablo's latest PC update.

FeatureThe Bold and the Braben

From the archive: The Elite co-creator gets nostalgic

FeatureSpies, lies and Eve Online

From the archive: how Eurogamer readers' Eve Corp turned bad.

FeatureEverQuest Next preview: a true next-gen MMO

SOE gets creative in its destructive epic.

FeatureNi no Kuni Preview: Spirited Away

Level-5 and Studio Ghibli's adventure is an enchanting prospect - and an intriguing collaboration.

FeatureDust 514 Preview: Worlds Collide

CCP's confident shooter paints a bright future for Eve.

FeatureEve Online: A Year in the Life

Iceland, we have a problem.

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast #91: Skyrim

Skyrim! Skyrim! More Skyrim!

FeatureTrials Evolution

To infinity and beyond.

FeatureEve Online in Crisis

CCP under pressure as players revolt over micro-transactions.

Aion Patch 2.5

"The game we wish we could have launched with."

FeatureThe Cursed Crusade

Camera tricks.

FeatureEVE Online: Reality Check

What does CCP mean when it says 'EVE is real'?

FeatureAnarchy Reigns

Anarchy in the UK.

The Witcher 2

400 year-old Vergen.

FeatureWhat makes games frustrating?

And what makes us keep playing?

Rift: Planes of Telara

Telara your friends.

FeatureTrion talks Rift

"More is not better. Better is better."

The Lord of the Rings Online

Ringing the changes: LOTRO goes free-to-play.