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Wesley is Eurogamer's deputy editor. He likes news, interviews, and more news. He also likes Street Fighter more than anyone can get him to shut up about it.

The Horde is in a tough spot. Its leader, Sylvanas, has gone off the deep end, murdering loads of innocent Night Elves and provoking a fresh war with the Alliance. Horde players, confused and demotivated by the actions of their evil leader, are looking for new blood, a new hope in this time of crisis. They need a hero and, well, they might have just found him.

You'd think the Fortnite / football love-in reached its natural limit when French forward Antoine Griezmann scored a penalty and celebrated by doing the infamous Fortnite Take the L dance in the World Cup final. Yet here we are with another example of the world of football clashing with the world of Fortnite.

Destiny has lore - believe it or not! - but it's not always presented in the best way. In Destiny 1, the lore was told through a Grimoire - a set of cards you unlocked in-game and then viewed... outside of the game, on your phone or on your monitor or something. It wasn't ideal.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is six months old and it's still going strong. Arc System Works' superb fighting game launched with a bang and has sold an impressive 2.5m copies - a great haul for a fighting game. While interest has understandably calmed, fighting game fans have stuck with the game, and it's set to star at Evo - the world's biggest fighting game tournament - with the highest number of entrants, more even than headline act Street Fighter 5. No matter which way you look at it, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been an enormous success for publisher Bandai Namco.